Women at the gym – between the canon of beauty and reality

The picture of women practising only in the cardio zone and with free weights only for women is slowly changing. More and more women take dumbbells and barbells. Unfortunately, there are still the beauty canons, according to which women should be slim and fragile, whereas, men are those who should have muscles.

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The myth of a woman transferring into a man after resistance training has been overthroned more than once. Theoretically, there is higher consciousness, however, the way of thinking of many people sticks to the known canons of beauty.

Woman's silhouette should be delicate and light. A woman should be petite and her arms and legs should be fragile. The best option would be with shapely buttocks and large breasts. She should eat salads and yoghurt.

But let's go down to earth. This is the image of a woman created by the media, in which using Photoshop is nothing unusual and happens every day. This is also the picture of a woman from our heads that we compare to everybody around, often even without realising it.

Between the canon of beauty and reality

In reality, women look a bit differently. They do aim at being as slim as possible in order to match the well-known canons of beauty. Unfortunately, this way they lose firmness and gain completely loose skin, cellulite and flabby, floppy glutes.

They are not perfect, but they feel thin. They keep looking for imperfections and try to fight them... by further slimming. And it may last till the end of their lives.Of course, there are exceptions, but they are not the rule.

There is another group of women, which decides to train and have fit body. Everybody around them scare them that they will look like the Russian sportswomen.

I will only remind you, that women are not able to develop naturally such muscles like men because of their physiology. It's simply impossible.

However, it's obvious, that when doing resistance training, you build muscle tissue. Anyway, that should be your goal. Thanks to muscles, body gains round shape and becomes firm and elastic. You gain beautiful buttocks, firm body, along with more muscular arms, back and legs. Women don't want to have large arms and wide back. Of course, it's logical, that none of the women wants to have 40 cm in her biceps circumference.

Is it bad that we will gain some muscles in arms and legs?

The answer is obvious – no. Muscles influence the shape of the body, as well as the motility of the limbs, the right posture of the body and thermogenesis. The matter of the shape almost becomes secondary.

What kinds of reactions from outside do training women experience?

It usually happens that those, who also train hard on their bodies, with passions and aims they want to achieve, admire such women. But there are also those (unfortunately, majority of people), who judge everybody negatively and find faults. They usually sit on their couches and do nothing constructive at that time. It's easy to find faults and failures of other people when you do nothing yourself.

A woman, who works out at the gym often hears such comments, like “your hand is so big”, “you have so much muscles”, “your back is so wide”, “you're so buff”.

The truth is, that if you stand out with something from the surrounding, other people will always let you feel that by saying something. Whereas, it's good to realise, that standing out from the crowd is an advantage, not a flaw. You don't have to be just like others, you don't have to be perfect in order to be yourself, be attractive, interesting and, most of all, happy.

It's good to know that, appreciate your assets and enjoy them, independently from the chosen way, whether it's constant slimming or building shape at the gym.

If you are a working out woman, you should know that it's your advantage, not disadvantage. Do not let the others tell you that you are worse. It's not about the matter of appearance, because it's relative, but about passion, sense of life and the aims you realize consequently.

If the next time you hear that you have large hands, answer politely and with joy – thank you. I have worked for it for a long time not to have them soft and flabby.

It's also worth adding that building shape is a process, which lasts some time and has many stages. Those, who do nothing and just comment a lot will come to you and ask how you achieved your shape. There may also be those, who will blame the genes for everything.

To sum up, the perception of women working out at the gym has been changing. But still, there is the belief that a woman should be fragile and eat only salads. The truth is, that if you stand out with something from the surrounding, others will always let you feel that. Whereas, it's worth remembering that standing out from the crowd is an asset, not a flaw.