Can you lose weight while eating sweets?

The dream of majority of women and men is to be able to eat without any limits and sustain the weight on the current level. Many people cannot imagine life without chocolate, pies, biscuits and chocolate bars. It would be perfect to be able to eat sweets and lose weight. Is it possible? Can you lose weight while eating sweets?

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The basic designation of what assures the loss of weight is the calorific deficit. In other words, you should eat less than your body needs, taking under consideration certain level of energetic expenditure. You can achieve the calorific deficit by limiting the amount of food, or by introducing additional physical activity.

Theoretically, a diet based on chocolate bars, candies and chocolate could be created, if the condition of the calorific deficit was kept. At that time, you could lose weight.

Is it really possible to lose weight eating only sweets?

As I mentioned before, theoretically speaking, it's possible. But you should remember, that when eating only sweets, you would not supply sufficient nutrients.

For a longer period of time, such nutrition would lead not only to the loss of weight, but also to the loss of health.

Most of all, such diet would be poor in vitamins, micro and macro elements. For sure, you would not provide sufficient amount of vitamins from the B group, or vitamins D, K, C, A, iron, magnesium, calcium or many other components.

Second of all, such diet would lack the sources of valuable protein. That would be connected with the loss of muscle mass. I suppose, nobody needs to be convinced that such process is adverse. When losing muscle mass, you worsen the body composition, it means, that you have larger percentage of body fat. This process leads to the decrease of the basic metabolism, and, as a result, to gaining weight from smaller amount of eaten food. The daily demand for calories gets smaller and as a result, you can often observe the so-called yo-yo effect.

Third of all, which is most important, it's very difficult to feel full after eating sweets. Despite them being highly-calorific, you are not able to eat more of them than the unprocessed food. It makes the process of losing weight by eating only sweets very difficult, or even impossible to achieve. In order to sustain the negative energetic balance, you could eat, for example, a bar of chocolate and three chocolate bars during one day (a bar of chocolate has about 500-600 kcal, a chocolate bar has 250-300 kcal).

The same calorific amount, but higher nutrition value have the following: scrambled eggs from three eggs with a tomato, a bag of rice, turkey roulades with beetroot and olive oil, and pancakes with quark and a banana.

I suppose, the other option of meals is far better, when it comes to the volume of the meals and nutrition.

Is it necessary to say good bye to sweets during reduction diet?

For majority of people, resigning from the taste of real chocolate is equal to taking away large part of joy from life.

It turns out, that if you are on diet with the calorific deficit for a longer period of time, the level of leptin decreases.

Leptin is the hormone, which is produced mainly in the fatty tissue. It plays a very important role in the process of regulating metabolism and body mass. Insufficient amount of leptin signals, that there is no food and it's going to be the period of starvation. Low level of leptin is connected with slowing down the metabolism, gathering body fat, increased production of insulin and increased appetite. The factors, which influence the level of leptin are: the amount of body fat and the energetic content of diet. The less fatty tissue there is, and the diet is poorer in calories, the less leptin, which causes slower metabolism and increased appetite.

And here is the place of the dessert. Eating more energetic meals once in few days (or more rarely), which would include more carbohydrates and fat, may be helpful in rebuilding the level of leptin.

Another advantage of the planned sweets in the diet is the influence on satisfaction of the meals. Gladness from what you eat and contentment after the meals is very precious. Thanks to appropriate procedures, you will avoid the dietetic bursts interlaced with the uncontrolled gluttony and larger willingness to eating something “forbidden”.

If you plan including the sweets to your menu in the right way, they may appear to be helpful in achieving the set goal. Balanced menu doesn't have to exclude small pleasures, on the point of which you have weakness. A bit of sweetness lets you relax, and the peace of mind supports losing weight. You just need 2-3 cubes of chocolate to feel better and alleviate the appetite for sweets.

To sum up, basing diet mainly on sweets is rather a bad idea and may be harmful in longer perspective, most of all, by reflecting on your health and mood. However, it doesn't mean that you should resign from sweets once and for all, if you want to care about your looks. If you consider including sweets to diet well, it may have positive influence on the results of the reduction diet.