Stop being afraid of food!

Caring about health and aesthetic body, planning and balancing the menu are not a piece of cake, especially that nowadays there are trends, which “scare” us with food products and deadly results connected with their consumption. Not only gluten, dairy products and sugar, but you can also hear a lot of bad things about fruit, fish, meat and many other products, which are supposed to lead our bodies to health disaster. How can we cope with such a problem?

Forbidden fruit tastes best

Many food products, especially the processed ones, can be eliminated from the menu without regrets. And so, sweets are a good example of a totally useless component of diet, which is very problematic in case of e.g. excessive body fat reduction. Despite the common knowledge that sweets contribute to many problems – including those with health, almost everybody eats it on some occasions (how can you resist a piece of pie from grandma?). Unfortunately, also children eat sweets in large amount. “Scaring” with the negative results of eating sweets seems to be ineffective in most of the cases – but it may cause useless frustration and strong emotions. Paradoxically, forbidden dishes may gain attractiveness. Just like any other “forbidden fruit” they give more pleasure than the easily-available allowed foodstuffs. Common sense often loses with the possibility of taking pleasure from eating a forbidden meal...

Don't nurse the action schemes, which lead you to frustration and the feeling of losing control over food!

In the matter of nutrition, there are many situations, when the desire is different from the action plan and the aim, one wants to achieve. We want to gain fit shape, but we gormandize with sweets and lie with a remote control in front of the TV frustrated that we are not able to live without all the forbidden products, which tell us apart from the perfect shape. It's a pity, I'm not able to live without doughnuts, so I'm forced to be fat and unhappy. Thinking this way, we deepen the problem connected with unhealthy relationship with food. What's more, we increase the risk of occurrence of nutrition disorders this way.

Instead of concentrating on what's forbidden, think of new possibilities!

People, who are clueless in the matter of healthy eating, hear the statements every day, that in order to improve health and body aesthetics, they should never eat any sweets, dairy products, gluten, meat, fish, fruit, etc. Then they realise that their aim is not worth such sacrifices. Besides, eating tasteless lettuce leaf for the rest of life is rather sad perspective. Despite the fact, that healthy eating does not require eliminating all the mentioned food products (especially fruit), we often can't think of new perspectives. We concentrate on the grief for what we lost (something we've tried, liked and known), and we are not able to be open to new experience and perspectives – in general, we don't like changes. It is often connected with leaving the comfort zone and it requires engagment and watchfulness. That's why, instead of despairing after our favourite biscuits eaten for the second breakfast, it's good to connect this”ritual” with gradual increase of waistline, and be happy of the possibility of trying alternative, more valuable snacks- e.g. fruit or dessert prepared on their base. Mental attitude and direction of thoughts play the key role in building the attitude towards food.


Fear of food is definitely unhealthy. It may be the source of unnecessary, sometimes chronic, stress, it may influence health negatively and delay the results connected with the work on the body aesthetics. It's good to cherish commonsense attitude towards food, don't follow extreme fashions and, in case of doubts, consult some specialists.