My training does not work

You bought a new set of sports clothes and a gym membership pass, you start to show up at the gym three or four times a week. You expect your physique to be like of a callendar model. Months pass: two, three, four, and the shape is not becoming visible. Why?

First of all, learn to be patient. You have spent most of your life watching TV series, shopping, partying and eating literally anything. Do not expect to change your shape entirely within two or three months. You have worked long time for where you are now. Now work for where you want to be in the future.

This does not mean, however, that three months is not enough to see the first results of your workout. If after three months you do not see any changes, consider if everything you do is the way it should be done. What could hinder your progress?

Properly monitor the effects of your actions. Do not blindly trust your scale - it can lie. If within one month you lose one kilogram of fat, and at the same time you build a kilogram of muscle tissue then your weight would not change. Does it mean that your workouts are not effective? No. Weight is not the only one and certainly not the most important determinant of your progress. Control measurements of the body. If your waist girth does not increase or better: decreases, it means you are on the right track. Also, a good idea is to take photos. It's best to take it when you wear the same clothes, in the same place and in similar poses.

Moreover, monitor your strength development in the exercises you perform.

Pay attention to your diet

Not without reason it is said that your physique is shaped not in the gym but in the kitchen. Diet plays a very important role. Often much higher than the workout itself! A huge mistake is to think that if you train, you can afford more freedom in the quantitative and qualitative choice of nutritional products.

Perhaps your diet contains too much or too little calories or macronutrient distribution is not suitable.

If you have used one and the same plan for a long time and the results do not come, maybe it's time to change something and try to "attack" from a different angle?

Too much cardio

A common mistake, especially in women who want to lose weight, is to focus mainly on aerobic workouts. Cardio workouts do not shape your body. You need training with weights.

You don't give 100% of yourself

You train with weights, but... The weights you apply are not challenging enough for you. You do not care about strength progress and you are constantly doing the same things. As a result, despite the fact that you do a strength training, the effects of your trainings are more of aerobic kind. Strength training must be a challenge for you. You should chose weights in such a way so that at least the last 2-3 reps of each exercise were tough for you.