The most annoying people at the gym

In many clubs there are many characters which may disturb your workout. Here is a short, ironic characteristics of particular types. When writing about these people, I base on the examples of people met at various gyms around Poland. Can you find familiar psychological profiles of the “delinquents”?

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Type no. 1: “mega crossfit competitor”

The fashion for crossfit caused many people start such workouts. It would be all good, if not for the fact that many WODs (Workout Of the Day) require using few pieces of equipment, e.g.:


  • deadlift, 150% of body weight,

  • bench press – 100% of body weight,

  • putting barbell on the shoulders with 75% of body weight.


  • 1,000m rowing,

  • 50 thrusters,

  • 30 pull-ups.

Are you using this barbell? Yes, but only for a moment... And this grip? Also for a moment. But wait, I'm coming back! The same rule concerns e.g. the circuit workout (e.g. ACT) on 10-12 pieces of equipment – it will be rather impossible to do in Polish conditions, unless you have your private gym. Another problem arises in clubs, where there is no place for dynamic exercises, like snatch, jerk, ditch, box jumps, kettlebell swing. Not only do you take place, you may also cause injuries among other people around you. Remeber, that not every visitor at the gym is predictable and thinking. The rule of limited trust is a really good idea. Attention – if you think that spreading chalk here and there is a good idea, it may turn out that you won't be a wanted guest in this place (“we no longer serve this gentleman”). If you use MgCO3 – clean the barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, discs and grip after using them (it would be best to do it with wet wipe). You can also limit spreading chalk in the place of exercising if you keep it in a bag and put only that much on your hands, as it's necessary. In the clubs, where you cannot use powder chalk, you can try out that in liquid (e.g. mamut, black diamond, simond, ocun), which leaves much less residue.

Type no. 2: “sauna-man without a towel”

If you sweat a lot, as if you just came out from sauna, consider taking a shower before your workout, using anti-perspirant, herbs which influence the whole body, limiting “fat burners”, lighter clothes or changing your diet. Otherwise, nobody will want to stay around you. After some time you will start to smell. Some people at the gym stink like individual in the first stage of decay. If you sweat, you should always have a towel, put it on the bench, machines and other equipment. Nobody wants to clean after you or train in a stain of sweat. Attention – throwing a wet towel to your bag and leaving it till “next time” is not a solution. Instead of putting it in the bag, put it in a washing machine and wash in at least 60 degrees. The same rule applies to your training clothes – there are no excuses, wash them right after your workout, at least in 40 degrees (thermoactive clothes don't usually tolerate high temperature). If your clothes or towel are not able to be washed, buy new ones.

Type no. 3: “impudent peeper, visual abuser”

Women train at the gym more often nowadays, which is great, because there's probably no other – faster way for them to achieve curvy glutes, slim thighs or shaped abs. But... don't stare at them throughout the whole training. They usually ignore you, because you are not the kind of handsome man, or go back to point 2 (your clothes should be washed, as well as body – in such condition you are not the best one to chat with). If you do such things, you will scare women off resistance training and they will start to believe that there are only some sexually unsatisfied perverts at the gym. If you are looking for romance, adventure, opportunity to use the energy that's in you, you'd better think about more entertaining places than the gym.

Type no. 4: “chatterbox”

This type keeps his phone by the ear at all times, doesn't train much, just talks. When he puts his phone aside, he talks with his friends or tries to chat up a “man breaking his record in squat” (or deadlift). Don't disturb others, if you want to chat – go to a bar and invite your friends there. Your talking may often ruin the training – you occupy the equipment and instead of exercising... you talk (look at type 6). During your talks with friends Dorian Yates could finish his workout and drink coffee. The latest type of chatterbox is the “clicker” - instead of exercising, he browses facebook, information, twitts, replies text messages, publishes posts on forum, or sends some pictures. My suggestion – leave your phone (especially smartphone) at home. The more functions it has, the worse the quality of your workout will be. Instead of training muscles, the workout is limitted to the thumb and sight.

Type no. 5: “free training advisor”

You know how to do this exercise, which muscles it engages, at which angle, how many sets to do, or what kind of workout? Great, but... don't force yourself on anybody else if they don't ask you to. With time you will understand that there's no point in interfering other people's training, at least some part of people in the clubs use pointless plans and the most ridiculous exercises. Don't impose yourself with your knowledge, do your job and go home. You are not able to fix the whole world – majority of “gym rats” achieve nothing, their training gives no results because they just want to improve their mood. In their case, breathing exercises would cause similar effects as the gym, or marching, or lazy swimming in a swimming pool. How many times various people have asked me about diet, training, fat reduction, training plan – we meet again after few years and they still look the same. Well verified knowledge is available on the Internet – whoever wants to find it, they will.