Peanut butter makes slimming harder?

Peanut butter belongs to this group of products, which are included in fitness diets very eagerly. There is a lot of information about its advantages, paying attention to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamins from group B, magnesium and other elements. Whereas, the truth is, that peanut butter may be a real threat for the body. The base of this dependency is a trivial, “obvious” mechanism.

Peanut butter has many forms

The phrase “peanut butter” usually states for a product derived from peanuts. Here I have to add that peanuts are not nuts, but... legumes. Therefore, the butter obtained from them is rather “bean” butter than nut butter, although, it's just a curiosity, not an argument justifying its influence on the body. I should also mention that, apart from the butter made of peanuts, there are also similar products made of almonds and cashew nuts on the market. You can also find the mixtures with sesame butter, coconut butter, or others.

Peanut butter and the body aesthetics

Peanut butter may (but doesn't have to) be a valuable product. High content of vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids (including the essential fatty acids, although, unfortunately from the omega 6 group), the presence of fibre, or protein, are all the arguments for including this product to diet. What's wrong with it then? Well, the basic problem of peanut butter is the fact that everybody likes it. Of course, the thing that the product is tasty is not a flaw, but the problems start when the palatability is so high, that it interrupts the control of hunger. In other words, food sometimes becomes “too tasty”, which causes that the consumption is accompanied with so much fun that even after fulfilling the energetic needs of the body, we will still feel the need of eating. Such problem occurs in case of peanut butter. If it was lettuce, tomatoes or even mandarines, eating more than it is advised would not influence significantly the energy balance. In case of peanut butter the situation is different and after consuming the content of the whole jar it may turn out that there are more than 1,000 kcal over the energy balance in diet!

Why is peanut butter so tasty?

Human body, during evolution, has developed particular taste preferences, and they mainly concern:

  • sweet products,

  • salty products,

  • fatty products.

However, in nature there is no connection of those properties, or if there is, it is extremely rare. And peanut butter is: fatty, salty and... sweet at the same time! Additionally it is obtained from fried nuts, and we tend to like the taste of products after aggressive treatment in high temperature (that's the reson why we like grilled dishes so much). Everything together causes that peanut butter can be eaten endlessly. Of course, there are also salt-free and sugar-freee products on the market, but it doeasn't change much, because nuts already contain some amount of saccharose (you just have to look at the nutrition value of peanuts – the content of carbohydrates in total is 20%). So, we have the connection of fat, sugar... and the pleasant taste of frying.


Peanut butter may turn out to be some kind of “Pandora's box” for people who want to limit the supply of energy in order to reduce body fat. Peanut butter connects flavours in a way that in the moment of startin its consumption, it's really hard to finish it after the wanted amount. Let's add the fact that peanut butter is quite calorific, which is not a flaw, but it can be when we lose control over the amount of eaten product. People who are not able to cotrol themselves after seeing peanut butter should consider excluding it from diet.