The sources of carbohydrates in diet

Many people who decide to use “healthy” diet usually eat carbohydrates ina form of rice, oat flakes and rice waffles. Even the most persistent and motivated people may get bored with such scheme. Do the good sources of carbohydrates have to be so limited?

Obviously, the answer is NO. Healthy diet is well balanced and differenciated. Eating oat flakes with nutrition and rice with chicken are hard to consider as various. There's no need of limiting the sources of carbohydrates in diet. Such nutrition system may turn out to cause insufficiency, but is also monotonous and hard to sustain.

What sources of carbohydrates (apart from rice) are worth paying attention to and including in the menu?

Definitely, groats, especially buckwheat groats or millet, are worth your attention.

Millet has many nourishing properties, it is easy to digest, it does not contain gluten and it may be prepared in many different ways. You can read more about millet in the following article: The underappreciated millet.

An interesting additive may be also millet flakes. They are a bit more processed than the millet itself, however, it may be a great alternative for oat flakes. Millet flakes are also gluten-free.

Buckwheat groats is nourishing and filling at the same time. It increases its volume during boiling. It's also interesting, that buckwheat is not the kind of grain. Buckwheat, and buckwheat groats is included in the family of polygonaceae. In that group you may also find sorrel and rhubarb. You can read more about buckwheat in the following article: Buckwheat on the plate.

Also flour made of buckwheat is great for any kind of bakings, omelettes, pancakes and noodles. If you are a fan of pasta, you should definitely try it out in your diet.

Potatoes are the underappreciated source of carbohydrates. Many people, when start their diet, resign from them. But it's totally unnecessary. It's the sauces and wrong way of preparation (oils) that are fattening, not the potatoes. It may be helpful to include them in the reduction diet, because potatoes have high ratio of satiety. It means, that we will be fuller after eating them than after eating rice of the same calorific content. Potatoes provide more potassium than bananas and tomatoes.

You can read more about potatoes here: Why are potatoes better than we think?

In the reduction period people also tend to reduce the intake of fruit. Whereas, they are a very important source of carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. You shouldn't worry too much about eating fresh fruit. Even during the final stage of shaping the body it's controversial to cut down on fruit completely, taking under consideration the fact that a typical portion of fruit contains only 5-7 g of fructose and quite low glycemic load. Fruit make the diet more differentiated and provide many precious minerals. What's more, they may be eaten instead of sweets. Thanks to that, it's more possible for those on diet to stick to their resolutions.