What can we eat out?

You are on diet and you eat healthy food. You prepare your meals yourself every day. But there comes weekend and the diet is left behind. You may go to the cinema on one day or to the restaurant with your friends, on Sunday you'll go to your grandparents for dinner. Weekend desn't have to mean a dietetic disaster. You also don't have to resign from your social life. You just need to start making the right choices.

Rule number one. Don't leave your home when you're hungry. If you're planning to go to the cinema or at the party, you'd better eat some meal at home. If you don't do it, you'll probably feel hungry within some time and you will be tempted to eat whatever you can find. At the cinema it will be popcorn and cola, and at the party it will be some alcohol and crisps.

In a situation when you're full, there is much less possibility of you consuming the whole package of popcorn or crisps.

Of course, you don't have to deny everything at all times and eat only those things, which you prepare yourself at home.

The weekend meeting doesn't have to be a dietetic disaster. Healthy nutrition shouldn't be a drudgery for you. If you enjoy going to the restaurant with your friends, don't resign from it.

Choose wisely when ordering your meal.

Wisely, meaning how?

In the menu of each restaurant you can find some dishes, which follow the requirements of diet.

First of all, resign from all kinds of chips and deep fried meat. Such products are the source of hydrogenated fats, which are harmful for the health and shape.

When ordering meat, choose the grilled one, instead of fried, the best would be without any skin or breadcrumbs.

Always look for dishes made from fresh, not so processed products. Salads with meat, fish or eggs, dishes containing potatoes, rice or groats and meat or fish are a great choice. A great alternative are also some fresh kinds of soup, e.g. vegetable cream.

Start your meal with vegetables

A good idea is to resign from starter and focus on the main course. Starters stimulate the appetite before the meal.

Resign from sweetened and fizzy drinks. Choose water to drink. If you decide to drink alcohol, choose wine, dry or semi-dry. One glass of good wine will not influence your diet much.

Remember, that even during reduction you can let yourself have some derogation once in a while and eat something you feel like having. Even if it is pizza and apple pie. It will not have negative influence on the results of the reduction, provided that you don't do it too frequently.