Beginner's training at home

You would like to start your adventure with resistance training, however, you don't know how to get started. You are afraid of your first visit at the gym, or it's impossible for you to even get there. You would like to work out at home, but you don't know how. You keep wondering if such workout would make sense. Below there is an idea for training at home for those who would like to start exercising.

The plan presented below will be a great idea for beginners, or for those who are going back to exercising after a break. If you have been working out for along time, you will need larger load, in order for the workout to cause proper stimulus for your body and be efficient.

To do a home-workout, you will need one dumbbell or kettlebell. You can start with a bottle filled with water.

Start with a warm-up. Do jumping Jacks, jumps, running in one place for at least 5 minutes. These exercises will let you increase you body temperature, stimulate the circulatory system and warm up the muscles. Then, for the next 5 minutes, do the arm, head and wrists circles, lunges, squats and bent-over arm swings.

After the warm-up, you may proceed to the core of the workout.

Do the following exercises. Do each exercise 15 times. Exercises, which engage one side of the body, like the Bulgarian squats, do in the amount of 15 per each side. Repeat the whole thing 3 times.

Exercise number 1

Goblet squat with a dumbbell kept in front of you.

Exercise number 2

Bulgarian squats with the foot on a platform (e.g. it can be on a couch)

Exercise number 3

Bridge on one leg with the leg on a platform (e.g. it can be on a couch)

Exercise number 4


If you are not able to do traditional push-ups, start with your hands ona platform.

Exercise number 5

Dumbbell rows supported on a chair

Exercise number 6


(Lifting the upper body and legs lying on the abs, keep your feet together, keep your arms separate in front of you)

Exercise number 7

Reversed push-ups supported on a chair (so-called Swedish push-ups engaging triceps)

Exercise number 8

Plank – 3 times till the maximal timing

Remeber about using the proper technique in all the exercises. Don't rush, focus on the right movement, tension and muscle work.

If you are not sure if you do the exercise correctly, ask someone who is experienced, or a trainer for help.

Such workout will be a great beginning and deployment to resistance training.

Don't forget about stretching. You don't have to do it right after the workout.