Sauna after workout?

For many people it's almost a ritual. Training, cardio and then sauna. Majority of people who go to fitness clubs think that sauna has positive influence on relaxing after workout and that it will support the result of burning fat. But is such behaviour proper?

Using sauna has positive influence on the ability of relaxing and recovery. Alternative heating and cooling the body is advantageous for the cardiovascular system. But the belief that sauna supports slimming is a myth. The only thing we lose during using it is water from the body. As a result of using sauna, body mass may get lower, but mainly because of dehydration.

You should follow few important rules when using sauna

Before entering sauna you should take a shower and then dry the body. You should not be hungry or overeaten. Staying in high temperature may be exhausting for the body and filled stomach may be an unnecessary stimulus.

You should not wear your swimsuit or flip-flops in sauna.

Unfortunately, according to my private observations, it's very common to see people wearing bikini or swimsuit in sauna. The artificial fabric used in those pieces of clothing may hinder the proper flow of the air. Additionally, if the swimming trunks are wet, you may get burned locally. You should always take a towel to dry sauna. Under the influence of high temperature, the skin pores open and the perspiratory glands start to work more actively. That's when there's faster removal of toxines and impurities from the body. You should sit on the towel not to leave wet spots on the bench.

It's perfectly stupid to have swimsuit without a towel in sauna.

You should stay in sauna from 5 to 15 minutes. If you don't feel comfortable, or if you feel dizzy, you should definitely walk out from it. You should not lead to the moment when you feel bad.

If you are starting your adventure with the gym, don't sit on the top step in sauna, because it's the hottest place. Start with lower steps.

After leaving sauna you should take a cold shower and take a rest – the best would be in lying position. The break in entering sauna should last at least 10 minutes.

Before, during and after using sauna, you should care about proper hydration of your body. During your stay there the best would be mineral water, whereas, after the whole session the best is water and tomato juice. You should definitely not drink alcohol in sauna.

People usually go to sauna to relax and rest. That's the reason why you should stay quiet in that place.

Sauna may be an interesting variety for resistance, running or swimming training. However, you should not use it right after the workout. Raising the body temperature too much after physical effort is dangerous for health. You already increase the body temperature during training and cause partial dehydration of the body, you also load cardiovascular system then. The best solution would be to take a rest after workout, hydrate the body and decrease body temperature. Using sauna is totally opposite to what you should do at that time.

When going to sauna after training, you expect faster recovery and better results of your workout. Whereas, the result of such action may be opposite and dangerous for health.

Each workout injures muscles and that's normal. The result of that is supercompensation. If you heat your body in sauna right after such workout, your blood vessels will be opened, which will cause worse injuries in muscles because of higher extravasation of blood – it slows down the after-workout recovery significantly.

It's best to go to sauna on the day free from physical activity.

Sauna should be only used by healthy people without any doctor's contraindications. It's not a good idea to go there if you suffer from high blood pressure, if you have problems with cardiovascular system and if you are a heavy smoker.

Proper use of sauna by healthy people may cause relax, as well as positive health results. You should not go to sauna during cold, or when your body is weaker. It will only cause worsening of your health condition and will worsen the illness.