Five desserts with the use of protein nutrition

Most people, who want to reduce body fat or sustain slim shape, are convinced that they definitely have to avoid sweets or may have only small portions which are not satisfying for them. What's more, such small portions may stimulate appetite for “something sweet”. For many people it's the kind of decision that makes them feel like between wind and water. None of the choices will be rewarding enough.

But there is some solution to this problem. You can make your own, healthy versions of desserts and enjoy their taste without the necessity of limiting to small protions. Obviously, it does not mean that you may eat as much as you want of them, but, for sure, you can have more satisfying portions.

Protein nutrition will be helpful in preparing healthier versions of desserts.

Below you will be able to find five interesting recipes, which are worth trying. There will certainly be the question if protein nutrition can be processed thermally, if it is safe ot if the nutrition gets impoverished. Treating protein nutrition thermally is often denied. Is it right?

Baking, boiling, or any kind of heating of protein product denaturates it. Denaturation of protein means the changes in secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure of native state proteins, which lead to the loss of the biological activity or other individual property characteristic with sustaining the sequence of amino acids.

We deal with the process of denaturation every day when: cooking, baking and frying meat, eggs and fish. When treating food with high temperature, we change the proportion of the native protein. Therefore, denaturation does not only concern protein nutrition, but all the products containing protein. Protein denaturation takes place not only during thermal treatment, but also during digestion.

It is the kind of process, in which more complex structures of proteins transfrom into less complex ones. From the amino acids supply point of view, and that's what we care about most, thermal treatment of proteins is not that bad. We can still provide important amino acids, such as leucin, lysine, methionine, valine.

It's not worth using more expensive products gained without changing the protein structures, such as isolates, for baking. You should use them cold. Choose cheaper proteins for thermal treatment.

Remember, that such powder protein treated thermally should only be an addition to your diet, not its basis.

Not all the desserts with the use of protein nutrition require thermal treament. So, if you are still afraid of bakings with nutrition, use the options, which do not require baking or boiling.

Power truffles


  • ½ cup of oat flakes,

  • ½ cup of boiled millet groats,

  • ½ cup of high-fat ground linseed,

  • 2-4 measures of natural protein nutrition,

  • ¾ cup of desiccated coconut,

  • 1-2 teaspoons of cinnamon,

  • ¾ cup of natural peanut butter,

  • some water or coconut milk,

  • additives for coating (optionally), e.g. desiccated coconut, poppy seeds,almond flakes, cocoa.

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add peanut butter and some liquid (you may add the rest of it later, if necessary). Mix the dough and create truffles of walnut size, moist your hands with water once in a while.