How should a woman train in order to be attractive for men?

Physical attractiveness is not magic. People who have particular properties succeed more easily, they are also perceived better by their surrounding. Are there any inattractive people in advertisements of supplements? And how would you explain the fact that all the unreal families from ads are perfect – those people have perfect, even, white teeth, neat fingernails and beautiful faces, it's hard to find overweight or obese people there. All the children in adverts are at least likeable, you will not be albo to find there any “ugly ducklings”, too. And how many models are overweight? They are usually thin.

What does attractiveness depend on?

Many studies state, that the attractiveness of the face influences the perception of a particular person. Men (consciously or not) tend to assess the potential reproductive efficiency or health of the partner this way! [1] Because of the matching, younger people are preferred, as they are usually healthier. In many studies it was stated that women at the age of around 50 stop being attractive from the reproductive point of view, independently from their health condition. Men sustain their “reproductive value” much longer. [2] Because of that, women at the age of 50 and older may not feel like keeping the attractiveness of their outer look, whereas, for men it may be a decisive factor in building and maintaining a relationship. Additionally, the “value” of men increases with age (larger financial assets, gathered goods), for women it does not refer to the reproductive success that much. In the mentioned experiment, the attractiveness of women from the age group 35-50 was drastically higher than that of women from the age group 51-65. For men the decrease of attractiveness was noted in the comparison of the age groups 35-50 and 51-65, but it was not that shocking. As if that was not enough, the attractiveness of facial features often causes the assumptions about one's intelligence. When it comes to imputing IQ to the volunteers, the following features were important for the results (apart from the general attractiveness of the face): if the eyelids were open or closed, and what was the look of one's lips (shape, expression). [3]

How to improve the body?

Going back to the main point – you are not able to do much with your facial features, as plastic surgeries often harm rather than improve, you can easily find the results of unsuccessful surgeries online. The same is with paralyzing the nerves with botox – it is not the best idea (altough, according to the studies, this method is quite safe, but sometimes it's not the facts that are important, but who pays for the research – it's business worth millions of dolars). Botox is a neurotoxin created in unaerobic conditions by Clostridium botulinum bacteria (botulinum toxin). [12]

Botox “blocks” the excretion of acetylcholine in:

  • neuromuscular junction, also called the endplate,

  • sympathetic ganglions,

  • parasympathetic ganglions,

  • autonomic ganglion parasympathetic endings [11],

which, as a result, paralyses muscles and nerve ends.

The same thing applies to the appearance of breasts – implanting silicone is connected with the risk of multiple complications, which may even increase the risk of breast cancer. There is no final or convincing evidence for that, but the scientists are also not certain whether breast implants are safe. [5] Indeed, 8-year long study on silicone implants (Sientra HS) proves that the rupture of an implant is of low probability – 4.6%, shrinking of the “bag” is more likely – 11.8% [6]. In that research 1,788 patients with 3,506 Sientra implants took part. Within 8 years of using such implants, in 580 cases there was the necessity of doing surgery again, it concerned 456 patients, most frequently for cosmetic reasons, e.g. changing the shape of implants (300 cases). There were no other complications.

So, what can we do to improve the attractiveness of the body?

There's no doubt, you can:

  • reduce body fat,

  • increase muscle mass,

  • improve the up/down proportions – if, e.g. you have quite big thighs, or overwhelming upper body.

Reduction has to be sensible, because excessive, pharmacological decrease of body fat is not advantageous for women. Excessive vascularisation, or highlighting the shape (the V or X-shape) may discourage men, who start to have complexes. You can just follow the comments under the films or pictures of bodybuilding female competitors. The other side of the coin is the change in the hormonal profile, e.g. along with body mass reduction of about 3.7 +/- 0.5 kg and body fat reduction of 4.5 +/- 0.7%, the amount of estradiol in blood in women at the age of 25-40 decreased significantly, as well as the level of estrone glucuronide or pregnanediol in urine. The increase of SHGB was observed. The decrease of estrone was mostly connected with the calorific deficit. [8] The review of young female competitors' tests proves that they often suffer from menstruation dosorders (late, irregular menstruation, or even lack of it [9]). In some studies as much as 79% of female competitors sufferred from menstrual disorders. It is thought that the reason for that is the supression of excretion of GnRH in hypothalamus, which blocks FSH and LH in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. [10]