The biggest deceits in work on the shape

Human brain is a specialist in finding good excuses and justifications – everything is done in order to stay in a safe comfort zone. In particular cases there is a situation of distorting important facts – in this case – those concerning eaten foodstuffs or training; denying them or overinterpreting – the consequences are always similar, they concern lack of any results in the work on body aesthetics. How do we cheat ourselves most frequently?

“Everything will change starting on Monday...”

Whereas, there are still fast food products and sweet and fat bakings from the nearby bakery on the plate. What's more, instead of concentrating on preparing the action plan, which would improve the body aesthetics, we start to think about all those treats that we will miss. The failure will definitely come with such attitude. It's also obvious that giving new date of starting the work on the shape means nothing, and it's only supposed to move the inconvenient truth – concerning the appearance, health and dissatisfaction from everything. Setting the date will change nothing – additionally, you have to prepare the detailed action plan and rethink your attitude towards food.

“In general, I don't eat much, but I also don't lose weight”

Sometimes it does happen that people working on the body aesthetics reach impasse, because of long-lasting calorific deficit – sometimes even too deep deficit – and they are not able to cope with such situation. However, in case of people at the beginning of their fight against their weaknesses, they tend to forget about the food products they consume. And the unplanned, spontaneous snacks, such as a chocolate bars eaten at the gas station, a biscuit eaten at a neighbour's, a piece of pizza with friends, etc., slip away from their minds most frequently. Especially if those products are not filling, or if they stimulate appetite – like, e.g. sweets or salty snacks. That's why it's good to eat consciously without doing any other activities, like reading or watching TV at the same time (these are the most frequent situations when the control mechanisms don't work properly).

“It's not that bad, others look worse than me”

Comparing yourself to others is a very dangerous situation – especially if you want to appreciate yourself over others, and not look for the motivation and inpiration for action. There will always be someone who is fatter, thinner, or less representative, but you should remember that it works both ways. People who want to change their nutrition habits and lifestyle are often aware that their bodies or health require some work – resigning from action only because someone else has bigger belly is simply absurd. Besides, comparing yourself to others is usually the simplest way to grow complexes and undermine your self-esteem... It's also good to remember that the appearance is not all – unhealthy food, lack of physical activity contribute to worsening of health and speed up the ageing process of the body.

“I don't have to train, I move quite a lot”

Physical activity tends to be exhausting – which, as it turns out, may be a serious obstacle for many people. If it comes to the amount of consumed calories every day, we often talk about underestimation, but in case of the daily energy expenditure, the tendency is to overestimate the numbers. The interest in sports is highly seasonal, it is often connected with the pressure (the doctor's order), it is also treated as “the necessary evil”. The aversion to movement is sometimes so strong, that it is a serious obstacle in working on the body aesthetics, when it may be a very pleasant form of spending free time. The attitude is very important here, and people who are afraid of physical effort should work on their way of thinking first.


It could seem that the work on shape is easy. Proper diet and physical activity are the basic issues, however, they may be insufficient at all times – especially if the opponent (i.e. ourselves) is very devious and keeps finding new tricks to make the task harder. Following the excuses and justifications will lead you to nothing good, and it will definitely not make the fight against your own weaknesses easier.