Why is my progress so poor?

Many people change their daily nutrition habits and lifestyle thinking only about the aesthetic aspects – fat around the waist is not charming at all. Therefore, they care more about the quality of food and physical activity. However, when the results after some time are not that satisfying, motivation and engagement decrease, there occur some more important issues and, slowly, such person goes back to the starting point. Why does it happen that despite the care about the most important matters, the results of work on the body aesthetics are not satisfying enough to sustain people on high level of motivation?

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First of all: you underappreciate yourself and your progress!

It's obvious that each person would like to improve as many things as possible in the shortest time possible – reduce excessive body fat, grow impressive muscles, improve firmness of the body, etc. Whereas, human physiology – whether we like it or not, puts some limits on us, which are impossible to overcome. That's why patience and persistance are the properties, which predispose people to achieving success. On the other hand, people who are set at achieving spectacular effects in the shortest time possible usually end their journey of working on the body without any long-lasting progress (and it's sometimes even opposite, they deepen the problem connected with excessive body fat). So, how can we appreciate the progress? Most of all, you have to observe your own body and mental condition. It's good to have documentation – the changes won't be that obvious for you, but the measurements of waistline and body mass may be precious piece of information on the changes that happen inside the body. It's also good to take pictures of the body. But you have to remember to do the measurements and take pictures in similar conditions – poses, clothes and time of the day. Thanks to that, the changes will be easier to notice and compare.

Second of all: set realistic goals!

Knowing the limits given by physiology to the body, it's good to plan your actions sensibly and remember that they will be definitely extended in time. It's also important to have sensible approach to the results you can achieve – it's possible to change the body a lot with training and diet, but it's impossible to change everything. Lack of real imagination of what you can expect, may have negative influence on the motivation to further action – e.g. “so what I have already lost 5 kg, if you can still see I'm short?”. Although some people may consider it funny, many others think that the change of appearance will guarantee the change in current life. But, achieving slim shape doesn't guarantee that the ex-boyfriend / husband will come back to us, or that we will suddenly become better people. However, it's good to highlight the fact, that physically attractive people have possibility of better job and higher income – which does not mean that it will happen without any participation from our side, according to the rule, that “if I lost weight, I expect to have a better job...”

Third of all: you're doing it wrong way!

I suppose, it's one of the most frequent reasons making it harder to achieve the dream shape. It's either the plan mismatched with the possibilities and needs, or we are not motivated enough and we only act on the basis of seasonal, not well-thought actions. Lack of detailed schedule makes it harder to achieve the dream results. General assumptions, like “I will eat less and I will avoid sweets” usually don't work, especially if it's not accompanied with regular physical activity. Another mistake is constant change of strategy – based on fashion or suggestions of “nice” friends. In such situations, when we think that we have already tested everything on ourselves, it's good to ask few experienced specialists, who prepare nutrition and training strategies for living, for piece of advice. In some cases it's also good to consult a psychologist.


Lack of visible progress during realising the plan aimed at achieving particualr shape goals, takes away motivation and makes people go back to previous habits. In order not to create additional obstacles, one has to learn how to appreciate even the smallest changes in the body, set possible to achieve aims and verify the methodology of action regularly.