Take care of your skin!

It is said that skin is the reflexion of the condition of the body. The condition of the skin shows us if the body is well nourished or not, if it is intoxicated, whether the things we eat are good for it, if we are relaxed and if we have too much stress. People tend to fight against acne, which usually appears in adolescence and doesn't let go despite passing years, from outside. Whereas, it is the signal from the body that something is not functioning right in the whole system. So, it's good to take care of the skin as a whole. Most of all, from the inside.

We can fight against acne by using various creams and ointments, steroids and antibiotics. But the whole activity will not remove the problem because of one basic reason: this way you treat the symptoms, not the reasons of acne. As long as you don't find the reason of skin lesions and remove it, the problem will keep returning.

The most important matter you have to pay attention to is the nutrition of the body. The biggest part of menu should contain as little processed food products as possible, like fresh fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, rice, groats, naturally fermented products, eggs, meat, fish, real milk from cow or goat.

The smallest part of the menu could include processed food products, i.e. all kinds of products, which have labels that require detailed study of the long list of ingredients.

The skin will be definitely thankful if you resign from foodstuffs poor in nutrients, such as sweets, sweet beverages, instant dishes, bought dairy products and poor-quality cold meat and sausages.

You should also avoid trans fats. Any kind of margarine, hardened fat added to ready-made products, deep-fried dishes, are all the products wich can have significant influence on the worsening of our health conditions, including skin.

It's also very important for a beautiful, healthy skin that food you eat provides all necessary vitamins and minerals. The more processed food, the less important components it contains.

Choose fruit and vegetables in various colours. Take care about the differentiation in your diet.

You should not avoid the sun. Thanks to that vitamin D isproduced in the body, which also influences the condition of skin.

I wrote at the beginning that the nutrition of the body is important for a reason. Because not only the quality and quantity of food is crucial, but also how much we are able to absorb from it. So, it's good to take care of the proper digestion. Meals should not be eaten in a hurry or in stress. We should take care of the proper bacterial flora and include the products of natural fermentation in the diet. If you feel constant heartburn, indigestion and flatulence, and you are often tired and heavy after a meal, these are the apparent signs for you to improve the digestion processes.

It's also crucial to exclude the problematic products from the menu. If your body doesn't tolerate particular products, it may react with a rash or acne on it. Such products as dairy products, eggs (mainly egg whites) or cocoa are usually problematic.