Weekend weight gain – how to avoid it?

Lack of free time, as well as too much of it, are the most popular excuses of people who are not able to work out an aesthetic body. As far as lack of time seems quite common and widely described justification, excessive amount of time is not. Whereas, a day or two free from the typical duties may turn the way of nutrition upside-down – especially, if you try to follow social life at the same time. The consequences are quite bad, because for the temporary relax you have to pay with additional centimetres in your waistline. How can you prepare yourself to the weekend not to lose fun or ruin the results worked out during the week?

“If I stick to the healthy rules during the week, I can let myself have more at the weekend”

Most of all, you have to consider two issues: first one, are the rules that you follow during the week really adjusted to your body, as well as the fact of how much is the “more” that you want to have during the weekend. In practice, remorse after the weekend madness makes you choose too extreme so-called repairing methods, therefore, the menu is ultra poor in calories then. Its realisation is possible only thanks to the awareness that you will be able to have more during the weekend. But how much more will that be? It often happens that more means – whatever I want... But such system does not work, so you should change it. What can you do to break the habit of weekend weight gain and wake up on the next Monday without remorse and additional kilos?

First of all: don't get surprised!

You should strengthen the proper habits every day, independently from the day of the week – this is the only way you can work out long-lasting results, that will satisfy you. A good action plan is very useful in such situation, as well as the good supply of the fridge. Don't get surprised with the lack of valuable food at home, plan your meals earlier, prepare proper products. If you are planning meeting your family or friends, think of healthy snacks. Try not to look for reasons and excuses of eating low-quality food – if you care about your shape and health, you will find an easy way of winning over the temptations. Besides, nobody expects you to sit in front of a lettuce leaf while others eat biscuits and salty snacks. Although, at the beginning, the change of your attitude may be surprising, but if you stay consequent, you will not be that interesting any more. What's more, perhaps the more aesthetic body of yours will inspire others to improve eating habits and lifestyle.

Second of all: move!

Staying in front of TV may seem a dreamed form of relax after hard week of work, but it's only false pretences. Not only do you increase the risk of snacking low-quality food, but you also decrease significantly your energetic expenditure. Choose active relax – think about sports, dancing, playing with your child or pet, outdoor trips, include gardening or cleaning – any kind of physical activity is better than lying in front of TV.

Third of all: remember about your aim!

In order not to lose the motivation for working on your body and your appearance, keep on reminding yourself the long-term goal – better shape (better mood and health are usually additional aims). You should stop believing that when doing nothing or when eating anything, you will achieve any results. You have to act and deal with the obstacles actively. You don't have to believe that it's such a big sacrifice for you, you just have to learn how to choose better and learn how to appreciate these abilities. And the time of enjoying the results will come, e.g. during holidays, or when you show everyone your fit and shaped body.


Working on the body and strengthening healthy nutrition habits require – especially at the beginning – some regularity and consequence in actions. Lack of control of food and drinks during the weekends make achieving satisfying results more difficult. However, with some consequence and determination, you can break the known schemes and spend the weekend nicely without any additional centimetres in waistline.