Why do I have too much water in my body?

“I went to a dietitian yeasterday and I found out, after the measurement of body composition, that I have too much water in my body and I should take proper supplements. Is anyone of you experienced with such products?” There are many similar questions on the Internet forums. The reason is that, lately, there is a lot of information on the problem of “excessive amount of water”, as if it was the reason of excessive body mass. Obviously, simple misunderstanding is usually the reason of such belief.

“You have too much water in the body...”

The body analysers, as well as the results presented by such machines, cause majority of misunderstandings in the matter of the “metabolic water”. The problem, of course, is worsened by the comments of incompetent people (sometimes trainers and dietitians), who suggest that if “the machine showed” that there is too much water in the body, then you should get rid of it. And, there is supposed to be some way for that. “Supplement X” or sometimes some forbidden product and you're done... And this is obviously the situation of misunderstanding.

Body = water

When doing any kind of measurement, you should remember that the body consists mainly of water. We carry quite a lot of it, because, practically speaking, it's about 60-75% of our body mass. Of course, we may think there is “big reserve” of it and we can manipulate it as we wish. However, the situation is a bit different, because the level of water in the body influences functioning all the systems and organs, whereas, dehydration is the factor, which disturbs the body's balance and it may cause many negative consequences.

Big misunderstanding

The statement, that the water stored in the body is responsible for the excessive body weight, is quite popular. What's interesting, such diagnosis can be also heard from dietitians, who suggest their clients dehydrating products. Does it bring results? Well, after using them, the body analyser sometimes shows lower body mass and lower amount of water in the body, but it's only temporary – only for the time of using this product.

Before you start to dehydrate

Before using such products, you should realise that the level of water in the body depends on many factors. One of them is body composition. And this is very important: the more muscle tissue, and the less fatty tissue – the higher level of fluid in the body. Analogically, the more gathered fat, the lower amount of water in the body. What's important – there's nothing wrong in it, because that's the nature of muscles, that they mainly contain water. Trying to get rid of that fluid is pointless in such case. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the dependency presented above is ignored and when e.g. a trained woman goes to an inexperienced dietitian, she can hear a diagnosis: “you have too much water, you have to get rid of it”.

Serious reasons of the problem

It sometimes happens that the problem is more complicated. Because it may happen that water starts to gather within other than muscle tissues, which may cause swelling in extreme cases. In that case it's good to introduce proper actions, which are supposed to remove the problem. But it's better to think about the reason of such effects. From the nutrition point of view, the source of the problem may be sudden increase of salt intake. From the hormonal point of view, the excessive activity of glucocotricoids may be the reason, or the disorder of glucose economy.

If you notice swelling, go to a doctor's for consultation instead of using herbal diuretics from supplements, or the pharmaceutical ones, on your own.