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Greasy, yet lets you lose weight

Greasy, yet lets you lose weight
Although the times of “fat-fobia” and the belief, according to which it causes gaining weight, have almost gone, many people try to avoid products of such kind during slimming because they believe that they are choosing the best way of achieving the dream shape. However, in practice, it's not that simple, because there are greasy harmful products, there are also those, which may support the reduction of body fat, when introduced in diet.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are a precious source of many important ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, fibre and EFA, but also, despite their calorific content, they may support the process of losing weight. This effect has been proven best in case of almonds, which turned out to have increased the loss of fat in people who had them introduced in diet instead of calories from other sources. Additionally, nuts and seeds are very convenient and tasty – they are great as snacks in a situation when there is no time or opportunity to eat a valuable meal. But you should not buy fried nuts, or the salted, spiced or breaded ones. Because of high temperature their nutrition and health value decreases. Besides, after frying and salting they aren't filling, their activity is opposite – they stimulate hunger.

Whole eggs

More than ten years ago, it was desirable to eat eggs without... yolks (i.e. the most precious part of the egg), nowadays, some people even use the opposite technique. Eggs are really very precious:

  • they have high nutrient value, they are the source of many precious ingredients, including vitamins, important elements, protein and... fat (e.g. phospholipids, such as choline and inositol),

  • you can prepare multiple healthy and tasty dishes with them,

  • they are very filling.

In the context of slimming, the last feature is extremely important, i.e. positive influence on the control of hunger. Thanks to including eggs in diet, you can feel the calorific deficit less.


Avocado, from the botanic point of view, is a fruit, although in culinary world it is treated as a vegetable. Whichever it is, there's no doubt, that it is very valuable. Avocado contains large amount of monounsaturated fatty acids, and the scientific data confirm, that including it in diet may cause many benefits, by: easing the results of the metabolic syndrome effects, medical condition connected with excessive fattening of the body and insulin resistance.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil was considered to be worthless or even harmful until recently. Nowadays, it is thought to be on the level of “superfood”. Of course, extreme enthusiasm towards this kind of fat is not justified, but I have to mention some of its advantages. To be precise, coconut oil is a rich source of medium-chained fatty acids (MCT). These lipids are absorbed and metabolised differently than long-chained fatty acids. Their increased presence in diet may help to control hunger and be thermogenic. The additional advantage of coconut oil is resistance to high temperature – you can easily fry on it.

Fatty sea fish

Fatty sea fish are a very important part of diet for many reasons. First of all, they are highly nutritious and provide the components we often lack in our diet, such as:

  • vitamin D,

  • EPA and DHA acids (omega 3),

  • selenium.

Second of all, fish are also quite filling. It's good to remember that both, vitamin D and the omega 3 acids may influence positively the metabolic parametres connected with the functioning of energetic economy. Their proper intake may make the body fat reduction easier.

Olive oil

It's hard to say that olive oil itself causes the loss of weight, however, it contains substances, which have positive influence on many metabolic parametres. Apart from monounsaturated fatty acids, you can find the following compounds in olive oil:

  • oleocanthal,

  • squalene,

  • tyrosol,

  • oleuropein.

The compounds mentioned above are anti-inflammatory (and overweight is an inflammatory disease), antiplatelet and antioxidative. They can have positive influence in the insulin sensitivity. Including olive oil in reduction diet, therefore, is quite a good idea.

Bitter chocolate

As far as the presence of eggs, fish, or even the isolated kinds of oli seems rational, including chocolate in reduction diet sounds suspicious. Well, it's good to look at this aspect from another point of view. The necessity of refusing various sweet things during reduction diet often causes a lot of difficulties. Whereas, dark chocolate (but that with high concentration of cocoa) may turn out to be a very precious addition to diet. On the one hand, such kind of chocolate may cater the need of eating something sweet, or chocolate-like, on the other, it is a concentrated source of valuable components, such as antioxidants or magnesium, which influence positively the insulin-glucose economy, which is advantegous during the work on the shape.


Fat from food doesn't have to fatten you, but it may be supportive in the process of slimming, provided you choose the source of it well and you will not exaggerate with the amount of it. It's good to take care of the quality of the eaten food products, which are the source of lipids, because they are responsible for the influence of those componds on the body.

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