Plantains – the banana vegetable

Plantains, also called cooking plantains are a vegetable, at first glance resembling a banana. They’re not very popular in Europe. I decided to write an article on them, since I’ve recently noticed they became available in the supermarkets.

Plantains and bananas are members oft he same botanic family, even though the former rare slightly bigger and are a vibrant green color. Additionally, bananas are fruits whereas plantains are vegetables, usually eaten cooked, fried or baked.

In all truth, a plantain could be treated as a vegetable or a fruit, depending how ripe it is. A plantain can be either green, yellow or „black“.

When it’s green, a plantain is not sweet at all, what it most resembles is a potato – and it is similarly high in starch. At this stage it is best for preparing flat cakes, chips or crackers. After a little while, depending on the temperature and amount of moisture in the air, the green plantain will become yellow and then black.

A yellow plantain has a bit less starch and more simple carbs than a green one. At this stage it will be a great addition to crepes and cakes.

A green plantain is very sweet and very soft. Its back color doesn’t mean it has gone bad – it is the best thing for desserts, sweet mousses or ice-cream.

Plantains contain vitamins C, A B6 and magnesium and potassium.

They are most often deep fried, often in coconut oil.

We may prepare cinnamon plantains, breaded in tapioca or coconut flour, fried in coconut oil. For this recipe, you should skin a yellow or slowly darkening plantain and slice it in 0,5 cm slices. Then all there is left to be done is to bread them and fry them until they are golden brown. After plating them give them a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Or you could prepare chips or fries – for that a green plantain will be best. Slice them into thinner slices, fry in coconut oil until golden brown and add some salt.

Plantains can also be a a great base for waffle or pancake batter – especially when they’re green  or yellow. Ripe, black plantains can be fried in coconut oil with orange juice. This makes them sweet and taste a bit like bananas, while the green ones are more like potatoes.

What is important, plantains can be eaten by people on auto immunological protocol.

To sum it up: I encourage you to experiment with this rare mix of a fruit and vegetable.