Why do I feel sleepy all he time?

I suppose everybody likes the time when the night comes and they can go to sleep with the delightful feeling of sleepiness. The problem occurs when such feeling also appears during the day, e.g. at school, at work or when you have to go for training! Where does such feeling come from?

First reason: insufficient amount of sleep at night

There's no doubt that the most frequent cause of the feeling of constant somnolence is sleep defficiency. Nowadays sleep is perceived as “waste of time” and many people simply resign from it. For one or two days you cannot harm yourself when not sleeping enough, but in longer perspective it is disastrous. Besides, the body starts to stand up for itself and generate the feeling of sleepiness at different times than night. Obviously, people differ with the demand for sleep, and even the needs of one body may be various depending on many factors, such as illness, mental stress or physical effort. Nevertheless, the rule of necessity of providing proper amount of sleep concerns everybody.

Second reason: poor-quality sleep

As it was mentioned above, the reason of sleepiness is usually... lack of sleep. However, it may be caused by insufficient amount of sleep or its poor quality. In order for the night recovery process to undergo with proper intensity, the following conditions are necessary:

  • silence,

  • no exposure to light,

  • not so high temperature,

  • comfortable position.

It's important not to go to sleep hungry or too full. In the first case it will be hard to fall asleep, and in the second – it's easy to fall asleep, but the sleep is of worse quality (you can wake up sleepy despite 8-hour sleep). It's best to eat the last meal 2 -3 hours before going to sleep. Sitting in front of the computer before going to sleep, or falling asleep with TV on is also adverse. You have to take care of the proper conditions, otherwise you will experience sleepiness during the day.

Third reason: bad diet

Inappropriate way of nutrition may cause the feeling of somnolence – it's a fact that may be surprising for some. The reason of this dependency is the combination of various mechanisms. Leaving the complicated matter of neurology and biochemistry, it's easy to observe that after consuming some kinds of meals, there occurs the feeling of relaxation, or even sleepiness. Such effect can turn up if a meal fulfills the following conditions:

  • it is bountiful / rich in calories,

  • it contains fat and carbohysrates – usually highly glycemic,

  • it is hard to digest,

  • it contains the addition of sweeteners.

Sometimes even one of those conditions is enough for the feeling of sleepiness to occur. When planning a diet, it's good to balance meals so that not to make them too big (you can divide them into smaller portions) or not to mix refined carbohydrates with fat.