How much sugar do I eat?

Although it has been known for a long time that excessive intake of sugar is harmful, its consumption is not decreasing, unfortunately, and when observing the world's trends, it is possible to claim that it's even rising. I don't only mean sugar added to meals by us, but, most of all, that present in highly-processed food products. That statistics are not optimistic, especially that, according to the forecasts, this phenomenon will extend!

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Sugar like a drug

Bad, bad sugar

Sugar, i.e. saccharose, is not toxic itself, after all it occurs naturally in fruit, which is perceived healthy. The problem is that in products of natural origin saccharose (or its components – glucose and frucose) is accompanied with other substances, such as fibre, vitamins or flavonoids, whereas in highly-processed foodsuffs the situation is different. The concentration and the ability of consumption also matter. In order to supply 100g of sugar from strawberries, you would have to eat almost two kilograms of them, and you are able to consume such amount of this component with one litre of cola. And the matter of the dose is the key issue.

The world wants it sweeter

Two years ago Clovis Junqueira, the president of Ecom Agroindustrial Corp (EAC), said during the conference about the world sugar market that in the closest future the annual tempo of sugar intake increase will be faster than the tempo of human population increase in the world. Nowadays it's possible to notice that he was right and that the consumption of sugar rises – despite many media campaigns encouraging to limit the intake of this component, as well as despite the fashion for being “fit”. Moreover, those who are responsible for the increase of the consumption of sugar are... small children, or rather their parents, who give their offspring products filled with saccharose and glucose-fructose syrup. That's an alarming phenomenon.

Get your own house in order

Remembering about the information mentioned above, it's worth thinking about your own behaviour (towards yourself and your beloved ones, especially children). The truth is that it's really easy to exaggerate with sugar intake. Many people believe that resigning from adding sugar in coffe or tea is enough to stop being responsible for the development of that problem – they cannot be more wrong. Sugar is present in many food products, such as:

  • sweets,

  • sweetened beverages,

  • jam,

  • fruit yoghurt,

  • fast food meals,

  • ready-made sauce,

  • cold meat,

  • bread,

  • products for sportsmen,

  • products for people on diet (sic!),

  • many others.

If you want to stay healthy and have nice shape, you should read the labels of food products carefully, select the products you buy and limit the amount of products containing the addition of sugar.