The queen of the beach – sexy shape. Part III: "fat chance"

The first part of this article was about the most frequent myths concerning body fat reduction among women. I also described deadly dangerous pharmacology that women often use. The second part of the article described an exemplary FBW plan (full body workout in one session), which requires three days a week for full realization. The truth is, there is no convincing evidence that FBW is better than split training.

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The queen of the beach – sexy shape. Part I

Experiments show ambiguous results. But the rule is simple – if you train particular muscle group once a week (e.g. legs), you have to use larger training volume. Practical example – if you use the FBW model 3 x a week, you will do squats, lunges or leg press. The total amount of sets will range from 10 to 30. If you use the split training plan and you work out legs only once a week – you have to accumulate larger effort within one session. Muscles will have a lot of time for recovery.

The queen of the beach – sexy shape. Part I

The queen of the beach – sexy shape. Part II: resistant training FBW

Here are a few myths, which make your body fat reduction impossible:

  • you have to run in aerobic zone, because that's when fat is burnt,

  • intervals damage muscles,

  • you have to exhaust the resources of glycogen to burn fat efficiently,

  • you have to train on empty stomach, otherwise reduction training is wasted,

  • you have to use “fat burners”,

  • you have to run for at least 45 minutes, because before that amount of time fat does not “burn”,

  • cardio machines are the best solution,

  • you have to do aerobic exercises after strength training, otherwise there won't be any reduction.

The truth is, that I could write a book containing 300 pages right now on the new phylosophy of physical effort, as well as on the myths that you can hear at the gyms. Almost none of the information from the Internet is fully true. Some of the myths, which are spread, are rubbish. Some time ago a middle-aged man told me that “he can start eating eggs, because his children are already grown-ups” (he suggested that eggs cause infertility). If you don't know who to listen to – choose scientific studies ( ). Another great website is:  - you'll find the latest studies with comments. If you don't have enough knowledge on effort physiology, you have to believe prepared articles, e.g. those at Obviously, scientific studies are not everything – practice also matters.

Myth: “you have to do aerobic running, because fat “burns” only in the aerobic zone”

Truth? Yes, but chill, don't run onto treadmill yet. In the first part of this article I already wrote about that matter. Unfortunately, during an intensive aerobic workout with the intensity of 66-74% of the maximal heart rate, only 25-31% of energy comes from the subcutaneous fat. [3] Is it a lot? Sadly, it's negligible amount. Why? A 60-kg woman expends about 603 kcal during one-hour run in the pace of 5 minutes / km (200 m per minute). ¼ of that amount is... 150.75 kcal utilized from free fatty acids. After one hour of aerobic workout!

How much food or beverages is that?

To visualise it, ~151 kcal is:

  • about 125 g of chicken breast without skin,

  • slightly above half of doughnut with advocaat,

  • 335 ml of red bull drink (with sugar),

  • not the whole two big eggs.