How to control hunger?

People who want to normalize their body mass and composition should cope with their attitude towards food at first, and then improve the ability of controlling the quality and quantity of eaten food. It's not simple, because consuming food is associated with pleasure, and particular kinds of food seem to have negative influence on our ability of making rational nutrition decisions – especially if it comes to foodstuffs of lower quality. However, it's not a hopeless situation, because you can deal with this problem by stopping repeating the basic mistakes.

First of all: stop gathering food!

There are many foodstuffs of low nutrition quality and rich in calories, that are kept at home because of habitual shopping. And so, special offers or the vision of friends' or family's visit somehow force us to “gather stocks for worse times”. The truth is that we empty those stocks ourselves in worse moments. When exposed to such temptation, we calm the scruples and start eating sweets with the soothing thought that “it's definitely the last time this time”. If you really want to get rid of the uncontrolled consumption, you should remove any junk food from your surrounding.

Second of all: don't estimate without measuring the amount and nutrition value of eaten food!

As you know, a good plan aimed at achieving particular goal is a priority. Obviously, it should be a plan matching the needs and abilities of particular body, and not a scheme borrowed from a magazine or a good friend. However, the plan itself is not enough – you have to do what's written in it (which is the most difficult matter). And so, the most frequent mistake made by beginners is estimating the amount of food. In case of fresh vegetables it's hard to be worried about few extra grams, but in case of fat or other components rich in calories, it's easy to underestimate them. That's why I recommend using a utensil, which is not that complicated or difficult to use, it also doesn't make the preparation time much longer – i.e. kitchen scale. Even 2-3 weeks of scrupulous use of scale will let you improve your vision, and will let you estimate quite precisely the weight of eaten food products on your own.

Third of all: don't rely on diet supplements only!

Agressive marketing of products created for people who have problem with controlling the quality and quantity of eaten food caused that majority of its target group became convinced that if you use a particular product, you don't have to introduce any changes in your menu. Such attitude results in disappointment, lack of any effects and significant loss of money. The basic matter is a satisfying valuable menu, which is based on filling and nutritionally valuable products. The belief that there exists diet supplement, which will stop you from eating a piece of cake or a sandwich with chocolate butter, is quite naïve. It's good to underline that diet supplements may be helpful, but they are not able to solve the problem of lack of hunger control.


Uncontrolled consumption, relying only on your cravings usually ends up with the problem of body mass and composition, it may also increase the risk of occurring many ailments. This problem will not be solved itself – you have to show the smallest amount of engagement to get rid of the harmful habits. It's also good to resign from gathering stocks, estimating the amount of eaten food without measuring it, and overestimating the value of dietary supplements.