How to decrease waistline?

Some people think that the process of gathering body fat is very misterious and tricky. That it happens just like that, and one day they go to sleep slim and wake up wearing too tight pyjamas with the protruding belly far beyond the aesthetic norms. It's hard to believe it, but at some point of our lives the sum of smaller and bigger dietary vices along with lack of physical activity, results in a very visible effect – and, to be honest, a very serious problem, which influences appearance, mood and health.

Don't be passive, react!

The attitudes like “whatever” or “it's not that bad yet” may calm you down for a moment and push away the feeling of disappointment, but in the long-term they make you realize it's too late. It's a very simple dependency: lack of any kind of positive and properly aimed activities in the menu and lifestyle will not cause any positive change in the looks and body aesthetics. That's why all kinds of excuses and justifications (for example those written at the beginning of this paragraph) are the ways of cheating yourself, which will end up with huge frustration and guilt, because of the fact that you are not able to see your feet in standing position any more. Is it really worth doing such thing to yourself?

Whatever you want to do, make a plan!

It's good to precise your action plan. The statements, which are not concrete, like “I will eat less sweets starting from tomorrow”, are not good and they are often postponed to the next day. In order to feel real results, create action plan set in reality. And so, it's good to start with regular physical activity in your weekly schedule. Choose the activity that will not only make you tired, but that is also a pleasure. When it comes to nutrition, it's good to introduce few simple strategies based on the flaws of the current menu. For example, if you feel like eating something sweet all the time, it's possible that you provide too little amount of calories from ordinary food. Perhaps you don't eat any fruit or vegetables, or you eat very irregularly basing on processed food.

Be realistic and don't get deceived!

Modifying your current menu and increasing the amount of physical activity are usually enough to stop the process of gradual decomposition of the body, which is connected with gathering larger amount of excessive fatty tissue. If you happen to think of any unusual solutions, think twice about them. Trying out miraculous diets recommended by glossy magazines or friends, who were able to change their appearance in one week, usually cause frustration and make the problem worse. It may be also unpleasant to invest in expensive supplements or treatments – they usually decrease the size of your wallet, not waistline...


The truth is, if your waistline is still getting bigger, it causes the feeling of panic and fear, which is why the way of nutrition does not match your needs and abilities. You can usually find a lot of processed food in it, together with excuses that you feed yourself with every day, as eagerly as with sweets. Similar situation is with physical activity – you just don't feel like, or you don't have time for that. It's good to remember that if you want to achieve any positive, visible effect, you have to introduce changes, which go together with making some effort.