Does the thickness of clothes contribute to losing body fat?

I can sometimes see people at the gym who work out in warm tracksuit or wearing few layers of clothes. Independently from the weather or temperature outside, they train in very warm clothes, because they want to achieve better results in the matter of body fat reduction. Is such behaviour a good idea? Does it contribute to losing body fat? Is it safe for health?

The clothes you should wear during training depend on the place where you work out, the conditions in that place and the temperature of the surrounding.

You have to realise that there will be other conditions in a basement gym and different in a fitness club packed with people.

The outfit should match the situation and conditions. If you are too cold, you may suffer from injuries, and if you are too hot, your effort abilities will be worse.

Training in warm tracksuit in summer, when it is warm at the gym, is not the best idea. Such clothes make it impossible to evaporate sweat, there is no heat loss of the body, therefore, body temperature rises. The body, in order to get rid of excessive heat, produces more sweat, which will cause losing more water. Your effort abilities will be worse. You will feel tired faster and you will be forced to lower the intensity of the workout.

Overheating the body does not contribute to faster body fat reduction, and it is dangerous for health.

Slimming through training in warm track suit is potentially dangerous and it does not influence the process of losing body fat.

As a result of using such procedure, the loss of weight is connected only with decreasing the amount of water in the body.

Therefore, you cause dehydration of your body. In the next meals you complete that loss, as a result, your weight is back to the previous level.

What's more, such procedure may contribute to worsening the results of training.


The body is overheated and dehydrated. Effort abilities are worse. As a result, you are tired much faster, you are able to do less repetitions, fewer sets and with smaller load. Whereas, you may think that you do your best. The truth is that the workout is less efficient.

You may lose less body fat, because you will not be able to train as intensively as in some light clothes.

To sum up, the outfit should be adjusted to the conditions of the place you train in. If you work out outdoors, when it's cold or in a basement gym, you may have to have long-sleeved clothes. But it's important for that clothes to remove sweat. Wearing warm tracksuit in order to sweat more during training is inefficient and dangerous for your health.