Slimming – how to resist temptation?

There exist hard to resist types of food – that's what large part of people with real problems with body mass and composition think. Crisps, cookies, pizza or other kinds of low-value food provide mainly empty calories. Everybody likes them, but not all of us follow each craving – for something sweet, salty or umami. What's the secret of making good nutrition choice?

Hunger or craving?

The desire for eating particular kinds of food that sometimes occurs is not always connected with the feeling of hunger – it's good to remember about that. If you feel like having a piece of cheesecake after consuming solid dinner, it's definitely not connected with hunger. Why is it good to differentiate those signals? Because of practical reasons – you can fulfill hunger with valuable conventional food and be definitely satisfied with it. Whereas, when it comes to appetite – e.g. for sweet things, you have to deal with it in a more complex way – by including some psychological and emotional conditions, as well as by training patiently the willpower when using nutrition tricks or influencing motivation. What can you do then, to learn how to live without typical sweets and fast food?

Choose valuable snacks

If you eliminate all low-quality delicacies from the menu, which you ate as snacks, main course or dessert, you may find a big gap (not only in your heart), that you should fill in a very considered way, so that the new kinds of products or meals were satisfying when it comes to taste and quantity (volume). It's easy to observe that replacing pizza for two leaves of lettuce with dry chicken breast may be a wrong idea, and it will definitely not satisfy your taste buds. But if you prepare grilled chicken breast in herbal marinade with baked potatoes with rosemary and colourful vegetables, the situation will be different. In case of dessert or snacks, there are also many various replacements – such as fruit and desserts prepared on that base, dark chocolate, almonds, etc.

Say goodbye to boredom

Bored people eat fatty and sweet kinds of foodstuffs more often – they crave for such kind of food stronger than people who don't experience the state of doing nothing. It's also harder for them to resist such temptations, they may also eat without realising it, that's why they often don't notice the fact of supplying quite large amount of empty calories. Against appearances, it is very good news for many people, because the solution for that is very simple – they just have to complete the gap with activities, the best would be activities causing fun. Any kinds of physical activitie are recommended here.

Be active!

On the one hand, physically active people can eat more (although they don't always feel like), on the other, they appreciate the results of healthy and balanced nutrition more. Active people eat more consciously – sports and the fight agains one's limits, including the psychological aspects, support the process of rebuilding muscles and improve the appearance of the body – they also form character and willpower. And the latter, if it is trained constantly, works much better in situations requiring its use.