Snacking: think more and eat better!

I suppose there's nothing worse for body shape and health than thoughtless snacking, especially if those are foodstuffs of low nutrition value. It's obvious that we live in crazy times, however, sometimes activating the mechanisms responsible for conscious thinking is a simple way of achieving significant and effective results.

When eating mindlessly, you eat more!

Consuming meals without thinking about them may make the work on body aesthetics much harder. Such situations are the most frequent when your attention is busy with something else – watching TV, talking on the phone or looking at a newspaper. At that moment your hand acts almost unconsciously and grabs snacks or dishes one after another. Disturbing attention in a situation when there is food around, may be dangerous for the body. The main reason is that reflection usually comes after finishing the whole packet of snacks. That's when the real astonishment with the thought “I ate it myself? No way.” comes. Yet, additional centimetres in waistline rarely come out of nowhere.

Think about your meals!

Let's leave the consideration about self-control and thoughtless consumption of food for a moment. According to the scientists' observations, memories about eaten food, as well as visualisation of the meals that are going to be eaten have significant influence on hunger, appetite and craving for food. The interesting thing is that imagination and good memory may make you eat less during the meal, and you will most probably avoid the unplanned snacking. However, remember about common sense – thinking about food 24/7 is not the best solution, it may also indicate some nutrition disorders. Whereas, frequent realistic dreams, e.g. with pork chop as a lead, may mean that your calorific restrictions are too drastic.

Let yourself have a moment for second thought!

The desire of having slim and pretty shape is very strong, but cookies look at you from the shopping shelves so engagingly, that it's really hard to resist them. The vision of instant pleasure causes that the remote results – no matter how great they are – lose their positive and motivating power. You eat a cookie, and then the next one, and then you find thousands of excuses and justifications, and the dream shape becomes more distant and less probable scenario... What can you do? Well, you can start thinking. The reflection on the results of unplanned snacking may discourage you from doing that. You have to do a short list of pros and cons and think of sweets in negative way (you just have to think about them as disguisting). As an explanation, I would like to add, that the strategies mentioned above are aimed at people who can't deal with their craving for sweets, of which the consequence is the problem with body mass and composition.


Healthy nutrition is not only about products you can eat in well-composed meals. Pure facts on nutrition are not enough if you are unable to use them in real life. As it turns out, thinking is an indispensable part of work on the body aesthetics. It's good to remember about that and direct your thoughts in a proper direction.