White or dark bread?

As far as poultry, rice, apples or broccoli are concerned, there are many people who don't like that foodstuffs, but there aren't many who dislike white bread. The taste of a fresh baguette spread with butter can cause exceptionally pleasant culinary experience. Unfortunately, white bread seems to be the enemy of good shape and those who want to lose weight should be very careful with this product. But is the wholegrain bread any better?

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Is bread really fattening?

Ordinary bread...

Fresh roll, butter, cold meat, cheese or simply jam – that's what you can find every day in many homes. Everybody likes sandwiches and many people can't even imagine life without them. Unfortunately, the facts are that high intake of white bread is usually connected with higher risk of obesity and overweight. Everyday observation, as well as studies done for the past few years, can prove that the consumption of bread obtained from purified flour is one of the factors, which contribute to gaining weight. However, it's good to wonder if replacing white bread with dark one – obtained from wholegrain flour – is a better choice in the matter of body mass and composition control, or in the aspect of healthy slimming.

Interesting studies

The dependency mentioned above is visualised perfectly in the studies done by a team of Spanish scientists led by Dr Fuente-Arrillaga, which showed that consuming at least two portions of white bread a day increases the risk of developing overweight and obesity significantly. What's interesting, the observed dependency was not connected with the parametres, such as glycemic index or glycemic load! It's worth adding that such result was not noticed in case of consuming bread obtained from wholegrain flour. Below you can find a link to the cited publication:


The results of the study mentioned above are not isolated. In other attempts similar dependency was also shown, whereas, it was also proven that eliminating white bread from died supports the fight against overweight and obesity. And it has to be underlined again that eliminating wholegrain bread from diet does not cause such advantages. You can read about it in the study done by Dr Serra-Majem and Dr Bautista-Castano – you can find a link to the abstract below:



There is clear evidence that regular consumption of white bread may increase he risk of developing overweight and obesity, as well as that eliminating white bread from diet supports the process of slimming. In case of bread made from wholegrain flour the situation is different. Increased consumption of such bread correlates with higher risk of gainig fatty tissue, but eliminating it doesn't necessarily support slimming. It's good to remember about that, because those facts have been lately belittled.