Which products remove water from the body?

Holding water in the body concerns many people, especially women. It may cause a lot of unpleasant feelings. Swallen ankles, sensation of heaviness, increased weight, swallen calves and feet, exhaustion. I'm sure that's not pleasant. In this article you will find few natural products, which may turn out to be helpful in removing excessive amount of water from the body.

At the beginning I have to underline that holding water may have few different reasons. It may be connected with large intake of salt, cardiovascular problems, lack of movement, vitamins insufficiency, venous insufficiency, stress, pregnancy, menstruation, hot weather, staying high above the sea level, allergy, hypertension, heart disease, kidneys insufficiency, chronic pneumonia, thyroid or liver disorder, or using some medicines (among others, oral preconception). The main symptom of this ailment is swelling, but there may also be joint stiffness, increased body mass, sensation of heaviness, high blood pressure and faster heart beat.

It's important to find the reason of the problem, especially if it happens more than once, and it becomes regular.

The herbs mentioned below, as well as natural substances, may turn out to be helpful, especially extemporaneously. But remember that they are not able to cure the reason of the problem.

Diuretic herbs decrease water holding by removing excessive amount of fluid from body cells. Thanks to them, body produces more urine which is excreted.

Dandelion clock

According to scientific studies, dandelion clock is diuretic. Therefore, it is a great natural product for excessive amount of water in the body. Moreover, this plant is rich in potassium which decreases the amount of sodium in the body, whereas magnesium found in it, is a wonderful solution for the swelling before menstruation, as well as the sensation of heaviness.


Parsley, just like dandelion clock, has excellent duiretic properties.

Liquorice root

Liquorice has many properties, which have been appreciated for ages. In the 16th and 17th century it was used as an antitussive agent in the upper respiratory tract diseases, but also in the affliction of stomach, kidneys and bladder. People who suffer from chronic diseases and take medicines regularly should consult a doctor before using this plant. Liquorice should not be used for too long, because you may achieve the opposite result than what you expected. After long time of using it, you may suffer from the symptoms, which are characteristic for overusing the corticoids in a form of holding sodium and water, as well as the loss of potassium with hypertension, swallen arms and legs, increased body mass and hypokalaemia.