7 deadly gym sins

Here are some examples of behavior which enrage gym goers, fitness freaks and other people who attend places where you gather to work on your physique and condition. See if you're guilty of any of them...

1. Exercising in dirty clothes

There's no excuse that justifies re-using unwashed gym-clothes. The smell of old sweat will be a pain in the neck for others and will mark you as a slob. For the same reason you need to shower before a training session if you hit the gym after a long day's work.

2. Talking over the phone

The time you should be spending on shedding pound or getting ripped is to be spent on that only. You'll benefit by reaching your goals a lot quicker and other people will also benefit by not having to listen to your phone monologues - this is irritating and makes you lose your focus. Leave your phone in the locker room, and if that's totally impossible switch it to vibrations and when you will have to pick it up - go talk somewhere more private.

3. Standing next to the machine you want to exercise on, visibly trying to make the other person hurry.

Such behavior is not only impolite, but will most probably cause the exactly opposite effect.

4. "Dibs" on the machine by hanging your towel over it

The gym equipment is not yours to have - by acting like that you'll surely earn an earful from other members, wanting to use the machine.

5. Groaning and panting during your exercise

Deep, regular breaths are necessary to provide your body with oxygen, which is in higher demand during an exercise session. But overdoing it with your vocal expression will serve only to humiliate you.

6. Loud discussions

A heated discussion with your acquaintances or buddies de-concentrates the people around you, and means that you're disregarding the fact that they also paid for the membership (and good exercising conditions) and the coach. Constant chatter means that you're not in the gym to exercise, but to get bragging rights.

7. Skipping shower after training, but before entering a sauna, Jacuzzi or a swimming pool

You need to shower after exercising not only not to offend other people's sense of smell with your sweaty body, but also for the hygiene. Fitness equipment inevitably collects germs and bacteria, which can cause serious trouble to both, you and other people.