Thinner waist in 4 weeks

Certainly it will not be a big discovery if I state that most of men would like to have at least a couple of inches off their waists. Especially them beause nature has programmed us in such a way that excessive calories almost immediately locate themselves around the abdomen. Pants get tighter, your shirts round up around your belly, the whole body changes its shape. It is usually after a summer break: what you are bringing back home is photos, memories, golden tan and... a few extra inches in the waist. Below let me present some simple ways how to deal with this problem.

First: cut down on fast food. Pizza, French fries, burgers are so creative that they make you wish to have more and more of them. Aside from how caloric they are, they are extremely deficient in valuable nutrients such as vitamins and macro- and micronutrients. On top of that, they have one more flaw: they have flatulence properties, they are hard to digest and make your tummy bigger in a mechanical way. If you have dinned in fast food bars and restaurants so far, resignation from this habit will almost instantly help you lose a couple of kilos and also will improve your well-being.

Second: limit, or better eliminate sweets. Candies, similarly to fast food, is a source of calories only. Not only that: it has been proven that people who eat sweets on a regular basis, feel hunger more often for sweets don't sate for a longer period of time. Besides, large amounts of simple sugars adversely affect you organism's hormonal management resulting in slower metabolism and greater fluid retention. Remember that in the category of sweets not only bars and chocolates are included but also sweetened soft drinks.

Third: increase intake of lean protein and healthy fats at the expense of trans-fats and carbohydrates. Yes, you are reading me right: fats should have their place in your diet. But they must be of good quality. Olive oil, walnuts, cashew nuts and almonds, as well as oily saltwater fish should form the basis of fat in your menu. Mayonnaise sauce, margarine, sunflower oil, soy oil, and all kinds of sweets are the source of these fats which should be limited. A good source of protein can be lean boiled, grilled or roasted meat, eggs, dairy products and fish. Protein satisfies your hunger for a long time, stimulates the metabolism and amino acids proteins are build from very rarely change into body fat even when you consume it in excess.

Fourth: eat vegetables! They are a source of vitamins so necessary for your body, minerals and antioxidants. In addition, they are rich in fiber and give you a feeling of satiety. Contrary to sweets or hamburgers, their energy value is low but nourishing quality: high.

Fifth: increase physical activity. You have a bike? Ride your bike to work or school. The bike isn't working? Then run, go to the swimming pool, or even walk. Increased physical activity increases energy expenditure and makes you burn more calories. You don't need to run in marathons or play professional soccer, just move more.

Sixth: work on your ABS. 45 minutes a week will do! You do not need to sign up to a gym. You can do crunches or reverse crunches when lying on a carpet in front of your TV. Well-trained abdominal muscles make the whole body stronger because they "hold everything in place." If you have not yet trained this part of your body, you see first effects very soon.

As you can see, these are not particularly sophisticated methods which would require a broad knowledge and experience, or considerable time. But their effectiveness can truly amaze. It is, however, a determination and consistency that is absolutely essential. Without clearly outlined goals it will be very difficul to mobilize to work out. Remember that your figure can be improved without drastic diet based on sprouts or magical supplementation. Effective solutions are quite often at your fingertips. As you've noticed, my recommendations are not of the nature of absolute prohibitions or precepts, such as: "under no circumstances should you eat after 6 pm". The pieces of advice given in this article are only to define your path. Go at your own pace, stumble and rise again because each step brings you closer to your destination.