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Aerobics (advanced level) Aerobics (in water) Ballet Running (slowly - 7,5 km/h) Running (fast - 12 km/h) Running (very fast 15 km/h) Box (sparring) Calanetics Walk (5 km/h) Walk (7 km/h) Walk/ Going for a walk Tooth brushing Tai-Chi Exercises Recreation exercises Golf Hockey on ice Horse riding/md-option> Skateboarding Cycling (recreation) Mountain biking Cycling (20 km/h) Cross-country skiing Downhill skiing Driving Basketball Bowling Frisbee Painting a flat Washing a car Downhill skiing/md-option> Water skiing Watching TV Hunting Ironing Chopping wood Rugby Sleep Volleyball (recreation) Volleyball (professional) Skipping rope (recreation) Skipping rope (hard) Squash (recreation) Squash (professional) Stretching, yoga Cleaning the house Stepping (slow pace) Stepping (fast pace) Dance (intense) Trampoline Walking up the stairs Fishing Hiking Shopping
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