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Najczęściej zadawane pytania:

After shopping in SFD shop I received a discount to buy a plan at AfterWorkout.com. I would like to prolong my plan (the current one ends within 2 days) with the use of the code. Where can I find a space for my code?

The discount you received with the confirmation of your order in SFD shop is valid for a new plan only, not for prolonging the existing one.

Can I transfer money in a traditional way, e.g. via post office?

Of course, you can. Please, choose payment option "pay with PayU" and then the option "bank transfer". There will be an icon of a blank form needed to the traditional transfer. You will see all the data needed to the transfer, such as the bank account, recipient, title, total. It is very important for the data to be accurate. There is also an option of printing the blank form.

Do I have to pay for my plan every month? How can I resign from it?

You buy our service only once. We don't have subscription like some telecommunication carriers, our clients are not obliged to prolong the plan and further payment. You receive a diet and/or training plan(s) for the period of time you paid for. After this time the service is suspended and there is no charge. You decide on your own whether or not you will prolong the service and buy a plan for the next period.

Do you offer a list of products or a menu, meals with recipes?

We offer a full menu, recipes for all meals in a diet. The list of needed products is also prepared for your convenience.

I am planning to buy diet and training plans from you but I would like to include supplements I already have in them. Is there such a possibility?

Of course, after preparing a basic plan by a nutritionist and a trainer, contact them directly (there is such a possibility when your plan is active) and tell them about your supplements. Our specialists will advise you how and when you should use them, and they can also include carbohydrate and/or protein supplements in a diet plan.

I don't have access to a gym, can you prepare a training to do at home for me?

Of course we can. We also prepare training plans with the use of equipment you have at home. Practically, two kinds of dumbbells, small barbel with load, chairs, a table, a sleeping mat and running shoes are enough to do a good workout. If you add a bench or a bar, it's full happiness :)

I don't know which plan to choose. I would like to gain muscle mass to be bigger, but I have a lot of fatty tissue. What can you recommend?

In our survey, during the process of starting a plan, you can tick few options. In this case we recommend you tick the aim: lose weight, and another aim: build muscle mass. But you should remember that these two actions are somehow contrary and it will be very difficult to reduce fatty tissue and build muscles at the same time. In the first stage your plan should focus on reducing excess fat.

I paid for my subscription today, when will my plan be prepared?

Your plan is usually prepared after 24h from the moment we receive the payment. We inform about it in a separate e-mail. You have access to your plan when you log in to our site and click "My diet | training".

I would like to order a diet from your service. I have some intestine problems, there are a few things I shouldn't eat and some recommended ones. Is there a possibility to include it in my plan?

We include preferred or disliked food products in a planned menu. After buying the plan, give your dietitian suggestions about your preferences.

I'm afraid that strength exercises will cause the increase of my muscles, I don't want to look like a bodybuilder.

You absolutely shouldn't worry about that. Bodybuilders' bodies are the effect of many years of pharmacological doping, hard training and strict diet. In our case, strength exercises strengthen and firm parts of body that will also support fatty tissue reduction from those areas!

Is there any instruction what to do step-by-step at the gym?

Yes, we prepare a full list of exercises in the training plan, with the number of repetitions and sets. There are also descriptions and films available to each exercise that help to do the exercise properly.

Shared plans. When I choose a plan, the questionnaire is prepared for one person. Did I choose wrong questionnaire? Is the cost of a shared plan the same or different?

There are separate processes of registration and plan setting for a shared plan. Each of you activates and sets their plan separately. When the plans are active, you will be able to share them. Our nutritionist, who takes care of you, will connect your meals as much as possible, with keeping separate aims and food preferences. If it comes to payment, if you start and activate a plan for yourself, and you invite other person from our panel by giving his/her e-mail address or login (if the person is not registered in AfterWorkout.com), the fee for buying his/her plan will be lower.

Where and when should I send the information about the equipment I have, diets I have tried, products i like, food preferences, training preferences, etc.?

You can give such information as the equipment, diets, etc. directly to your experts through the "ask a trainer" and "ask a dietitian" forms available in a fold "my diet | training" after activating your subscription. At first, we will prepare a general plan and then it will be modified by specific experts in nutrition and training according to the conversations with a client. Such a solution is easier and faster than doing a long interview in the primary stage, it's just more precise to work on a ready made plan.

Where can I find my diet and/or training plan? I have been checking my e-mail inbox and there is no e-mail form you!

Your diet and training plans are available only on AfterWorkout.com. You can see them after logging in to your account using the data you gave during registration. It's login or e-mail address and a password. The plan is available in a fold "My diet | training".

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