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Perfect for breakfast, especially if it is before workout. The crumpet, or protein-oat omelette is a good-quality meal when it comes to macro nutrients and taste. :) Given serving is quite big, we use 8 large eggs. We can make it smaller, of course, decreasing the weight of each ingredient.
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  1. Egg white 320 g
  2. Fat-free cocoa WAWEL 5 g
  3. Frozen strawberries 100 g
  4. Oat flakes 70 g
  5. yolk 35 g


Additional ingredients: sweetener with the power of 10g of sugar, optionally desiccated coconut, taste aroma, 0 kcla sauce (e.g. Waldenfarms), a pinch of salt. Pour boiling water on oat flakes, cocoa and the sweetener, leave it covered for several minute until the flakes soften. Take 8 eggs, separate the yolks from egg whites. You should have 8 egg whites in one bowl, get rid of 6 yolks, and add 2 yolks to the oat flakes. Add a pinch of salt to the egg whites and whisk for a while until they are still when we turn the bowl upside-down. Mix the egg whites with oat flakes, stir for a while. Heat the pan sprinkled with oil in spray (PAM). Pour everything on the pan ans simmer for about 5 minutes one side and about 3 minutes the other side. You can blend the strawberries in the meantime. You can pour the strawberries on the omelette when it's on a plate. You can also use 0 kcal sauce (we recommend Waldenfarms, not all the tastes are good, we use caramel or chocolate pancake syrup), sprinkle with desiccated coconut. As you wish. The omelette itself is quite sweet, so don't overuse the additives, unless you are in a "sweet crisis" - it happens on a big calorific deficit.