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Women zone customized plan!

the plan you receive will :

  • designed just for you
  • include your abilities and aims
  • flexible - we will change it if you wish

No more questions without answers and hours lost at the gym when testing plans taken from friends or the Internet. The plans that work for others don't have to be good for you!

If you buy one of our plans, you will additionally get:

  • Full care, unlimited contant with a trainer/dietitian.
  • Access to full base of recipes for dietetic meals in the Kitchen section. These are original meals used in the professional sports people's menus.
  • Access to the base of 5000 products, where you can check how much calories the products you eat contain.
  • Access to many useful calculators, which count the proper weight for you and the level of body fat.
  • Access to the database of 300 exercises, where we will show you on films how to do the exercises you got from your personal trainer properly at the gym.
  • Access to the measurement diary, where you will see your progress.
  • Access to the nutrition diary, where you will add the meals you ate together with possible derogations from the diet your personal dietitian had prepared.
  • Access to the training diary, where you can write your workouts with the possible derogations from them, or with additional repetitions.
  • Can you want more? Don't hesitate! Buy a plan

Train efficiently, don't be afraid of the gym!

Work out at the gym can help you a lot with some imperfections of your body.

Depending on what you want to improve, we are able to choose such exercises that are aimed at those body parts you want to focus on. Don't waste your time on testing your friends' plans or searching the Internet.

Slimming does not mean starvation!

In the body fat reduction time, when you can "be" on diet, is the most important. Wise diet has to be tasty and varied, adjusted to your body, so that you are able to use it for as long as possible and eliminate the risk of the yo-yo effect.

You are aware of the fact that when limiting the amount of the consumed calories drastically, your body will read it as a signal of slowing down metabolism?! This is the result of thousands of years of evolution and problems with food availability. Our dietitian will design your daily menu in a way that your body will start to get rid of body fat gradually.

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I've been here for a short time, but I' losing weight :)
so far, it gives quite good results
Good plan, I can't wait the final results :)
Great, you just need to stick to the plan, I recommend it to everyone.
Veeeeery tasty and quite cheap diet! It's really worth spending few pounds a month to eat healthy food and change the body for better! :) great contact with a dietitian and trainer ! A plus !
Great diet, the weight is going down, it's very tasty and easy to prepare
Price list:
Price list Diets +Training Diets Training
subscription for 1 month
€33.99 €69
€19.99 €39
€19.99 €39
subscription for 3 months
€26.99/month €80.97 €169
€16.99/month €50.97 €89
€16.99/month €50.97 €89
subscription for 6 months
€23.99/month €143.94 €299
€14.99/month €89.94 €149
€14.99/month €89.94 €149
subscription for 12 months
€20.99/month €251.88 €559
€13.99/month €167.88 €289
€13.99/month €167.88 €289
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How to do it?

step 1

choose a subscription that you like: only training, only diet, or both.

step 2

You give information about yourself: weight, height, measurements. You set your goal and body type. You can e.g. want to lose weight, firm the body or gain muscle mass.

step 3

register or log in if you already have a subscription in

step 4

you pay for the subscription via Internet

step 5

choose a subscription that you like: only training, only diet, or both.

Don't hesitate!

buy a plan

Together menu

For people who live together and who want to use the diets we prepared, we can offer the option of sharing the plans.

our nutritionist will prepare separate diets for you (adjusted to your goals), but based on possibly the same meals with the use of the same foodstuffs

how to order shared diet?

First configure the plan for yourself to be able to connect your diet with that of your dear one's. For that person there will be separate process of plan configuration.

order the shared diet

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

see the frequently asked questions
  1. After shopping in SFD shop I received a discount to buy a plan at I would like to prolong my plan (the current one ends within 2 days) with the use of the code. Where can I find a space for my code?

    The discount you received with the confirmation of your order in SFD shop is valid for a new plan only, not for prolonging the existing one.

  2. Can I transfer money in a traditional way, e.g. via post office?

    Of course, you can. Please, choose payment option "pay with PayU" and then the option "bank transfer". There will be an icon of a blank form needed to the traditional transfer. You will see all the data needed to the transfer, such as the bank account, recipient, title, total. It is very important for the data to be accurate. There is also an option of printing the blank form.

  3. Do I have to pay for my plan every month? How can I resign from it?

    You buy our service only once. We don't have subscription like some telecommunication carriers, our clients are not obliged to prolong the plan and further payment. You receive a diet and/or training plan(s) for the period of time you paid for. After this time the service is suspended and there is no charge. You decide on your own whether or not you will prolong the service and buy a plan for the next period.