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§1 is owned by and proprietary to SFD jsc placed at ul. Głogowska 41, 45-315 Opole, NIP: 754-302-22-22 , REGON: 160360680, registrated in District Court in Opole, with the number KRS 0000373427, share capital: 4 549 091,00 PLN fully paid (further called “SFD”).


  1. These Terms of Service define the terms and conditions of using services provided by SFD to the users of, which include preparing individual diet and training plans on the basis of information given by the users containing their individual goals.
  2. The user of Service can be any entity having capacity to contract (especially legal person and over 18). A person who is 17 and over can also be a user of under following conditions:
    1. this person has a consent from a parent or guardian,
    2. while using SFD services this person will only use their own money or the money given by their parent or guardian.
  3. A person can use service via only after registering and creating personal user account. Each user can have only one personal user account. By registering a user agrees to processing personal data by SFD. A user can withdraw the consent to processing personal data and in this case SFD has a right to remove or ban such an account from sharing.
  4. A user can also agree to processing personal data in marketing purposes, especially to receiving trade information from SFD or other emtities.


  1. In order to use the Service you need a device with Internet connection, website browser (operating Java script, accepting Cookies files, with Adobe Flash Player) and an active e-mail address. Using service is only available via website.
  2. Because the Internet is public, and it is used to supply service, using this kind of service may be connected with a risk of third parties interferrence in data transmission sent between SFD and the user. Specific risk is connected with using an user account by unauthorised people when the user does not keep his/her login and password safe, or gives that information to third partiies, or logs in the account withiut using it at that moment.
  3. SFD informs that during maintenance of the ICT systems, the access to service may be hard or impossible, for which SFD is not responsible.
  4. Information, comments, reviews or utterances published by users are their own opinions. SFD is not responsible for their content, especially for violation the third parties' laws with such publications.
  5. In case of SFD being informed of a possibility of violating the law by an user, SFD reserves the right to secure all the data and forward them to authorised entities (especially the court, prosecutor or police).


  1. Service provided via can be used only for private use and cannot be used in part or as a whole to any other purposes, especially to advise or inform other people, and in commercial aims.
  2. Materials shared with the users via services are owned by, and proprietary to SFD, and are protected by federal and state copyright, trademark and other intellectual property and proprietary laws. Concluding agreement to service does not result in transferring the material or non-material copyrights partly or as a whole.
  3. A user is not allowed to:
    1. use illegal materials or content, including those violating SFD or third parties laws with offensive, vulgar or obscene content, contrary to principles of social coexistence or good behaviour, in particular:
      1. creating an account that could be or sound like offensive, vulgar or offend religious feelings in native or other languages,
      2. publish any kind of erotic or pornographic materials or information needed to use such materials,
      3. publish personal data or image of third parties,
      4. publish the content of private conversations or correspondence with third parties without getting consent from them, publish instructions or advice connected with the possibility of using somebody else's name, publish content which could violate other people's laws,
    2. abuse electronic means of communication causing the loss of work stability or the overload of information systems directly or indirectly connected with providing service via,
  4. SFD reserves the right to:
    1. temporary or permanent change of parameters in service provided via, including stopping providing such services without the need of justifying this decision,
    2. blocking or removing content published by a user that violate the provisions of this Terms of Service or the law,
    3. removing or blocking the ability of sharing created personal account. In case of blocking or removing the ability of sharing created personal account from the user's fault, the user does not receive the compensation of payment.
  5. In case when the agreement is not possible to fulfill from other reasons, the user is entitled to a refund of payment proportional to the length of agreement.


  1. Paid services provided to the users via are:
    1. individual diet plan (individual diet) with motivational functions for the subscription period containing proper amount of individual nutritional plans generated on the basis of assumptions, tips and progress of the user,
    2. individual training plan for the subscription period containing proper amount of individual training plans generated on the basis of assumptions, tips and progress of the user.
  2. The agreements concerning individual plans are set for given period of time that a user can find on the site During the agreement the price cannot be changed.
  3. The user pays the price of the chosen plan in advance using one of the payment methods. Payment can be only done in a way available at
  4. Ordered plans are adjusted individually to the needs of each user and their preparation is a service based on the user's properties connected with this person. According to the (Polish) law from 2 March 2000 on protection of chosen consumer rights and the responsibility for the damage done by a dangerous product, the user is not entitled to the right of resigning from the agreement within ten days from signing it.
  5. A diet or training plan will be sent to the user via Internet on given e-mail address within 48 hours from accounted payment on SFD account. The reply from a specialist will be given within 48 hours from receiving a question by SFD. In case of not fulfilling the terms of sending plans or replying by SFD, the user can terminate the contract – then the user is entitled to the refund of payment proportional to the length of the agreement.
  6. SFD can terminate the contract when a user violates the Terms of Service. In such case the user cannot receive a refund of payment.


  1. Diet and training plans are prepared individually for each user assuming that the user is healthy. In case of any doubts, the user is obliged to consult the plan with a doctor. Before using the diet or training plan the user is obliged to confirm with a physician that there are no contraindicators to using the diet or doing physical activities.
  2. The user is obliged to keep all the safety and carefullness rules in a place of doing the training. Using training plans may cause the risk of injuries, particularly in case of inapproprietly done exercises, which is not the responsibility of SFD.
  3. The training plans are not intended for people with heart or spinal diseases.
  4. The diet plans are not intended for people with kidney diseases, gout, diabetes, during pregnancy, after strokes, with heart diseases or during lactation.
  5. If a user is allergic to specific products, he/she should block these products from his/her diet using given functions and inform the dietitian about it.


  1. In order to complete the service properly by SFD via, the cooperation of a user is necessary. It is based on systematic and honest completing needed information, because the individual diet and training plans are generated each time on the basis of the information given by the user after logging in to his/her account on
  2. If there are any health contraindicators to using a particular plan, it will not be used. A user declares that he/she will consult a doctor before using a chosen plan to define all the directives or contraindicators concerning nutrition according to the diet and exercises according to the training.
  3. A user should strictly follow the plans and any modifications can be implemented only after consulting specialists.
  4. Diet and training plans will be prepared by SFD specialists based on the current scientific knowledge, but because of the complexity of the human body, SFD does not guarantee achieving effects wanted by a user.


  1. Complaints concerning services provided via can be made:
    1. directly to SFD in written form,
    2. via e-mail address:,
    3. by filling an electronic contact form avalable on
  2. You should make a complaint within seven days counting from the incident which would justify the complaint.
  3. The complaint should contain the user's signification and a short description of the incident with its justification and possible claims..
  4. The complaints are considered within twenty-one days counting from the date of receiving the complaint.
  5. The user who made a complaint will be informed about the viewpoint of SFD on e-mail address assigned to the user's personal account.


  1. Cookies files are information data, especially text files that are kept in the user's final device and are to be used with websites. Cookies usually contain the name of a website that they come from, their storage time and unique number.
  2. Cookies files are used to:
    1. adjust the content of website to the user's preferences,
    2. creating statistics that can help to understand how users use websites,
    3. keeping the user's session (after logging in), thanks to which the user does not have to write login and password each time they open a new tab.
  3. There are two basic cookies types within websites: “session” and “permanent”. “Session” cookies are temporary files that are kept in the final user's device until the software is closed (browser). “Permanent” cookies are storaged in the user's final device for a period of time set in their parameters or until they are removed by the user. In many cases software used to search through websites (browser) lets cookies storage in the user's final device by default. Websites users can change the settings concerning cookies at any time. These settings can be changed in a way so that their automatic service is blocked in the browser, or will inform the user each time when they are put in the device. More detailed information on the possibilities and ways of using cookies is available in software settings (browser). The Service Operator informs, that limitation of using cookies files can influence some functions of the websites. Cookies files put in the website user's final device can be also used by advertisers and partners cooperating with the operator.